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Student Pays Professors To Wash Her Car while Wearing Roller Skates; It's All for a Good Cause

May 06, 2009

At this year's Equal Justice Foundation auction, which raises money to support students who are exploring public interest careers, second-year Penn Law student Sarah McConaughy's bid was enough to secure the car washing talents of Professors Edward B. Rock and Jill E. Fisch.

While wearing roller skates.

"The winning bid was $290 -- and well worth it!" says McConaughy, who drove away in one clean set of wheels.

 [During their day jobs, Professors Rock and Fisch produced scholarship listed among the Top 10 corporate and securities articles for 2008.]


Professors Ed Rock and Jill Fisch arrive with the tools of the trade.





Student Sarah McConaughy arrives with her car.




The co-directors of the Institute for Law and Economics divide their responsibilities: Professor Rock on water; Professor Fisch, soap.


Rinse, soap, rinse.  Repeat.




Mission accomplished.  Next!