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#PennCareyLaw2024 Memories

May 17, 2024

From the Barristers’ Ball and pro bono work to affinity groups and lifelong friendships, here are some of our 2024 graduates’ fondest Penn Carey Law memories.


Michael Krone C’19, L’24, WG’24: A favorite memory here at Penn Carey Law has to be in fall 2022 when, as a part of the Council of Student Representatives, I helped to put on the Barristers’ Ball, which is a big signature event for all of the students in all of the programs here at the school. It was just such a wonderful experience to see everybody all in one room celebrating, making it that far in the year, getting to know one another, dressed to the nines, and just having the time of their life out on the dance floor.

Vinila Varghese L’24, G’24: My favorite highlight at Penn Carey Law is the friends that I made here. It started from my affinity group at SALSA, and it grew from there. I have some lifelong friendships that I know are people that I can count on forever. They truly made a home away from home for me.

Andrew Bookbinder L’24: I think the highlight for me at the Law School has to be my pro-bono work. I’ve been an active member of the pro bono community since my 1L. For the last two years, I’ve been the co-president of the Democracy Law Project here at Penn. And the work that I’ve been able to do, the people I’ve been able to meet has been phenomenal. That’s what I came to law school to do, is to make a difference, and the pro bono here has allowed me to do that, and so I’ll cherish that forever.

Paul-Angelo dell’Isola L’24: I was very grateful to have the opportunity to go to Egypt in my 2L year, as part of a class on international climate change law—really a turning point in my law school journey and also a very inspiring and humbling moment to see what multi-lateral diplomacy could do and meet a lot of grassroot organization leaders.

Arlene Amador L’24: Being the managing editor of the Journal of International Law has been one of, if not the highlight of my law school experiences because I care very deeply about international law. And I’ve met truly remarkable people along the way such as international law professors, foreign parliamentary members, our wonderful JD and LLM editors. It’s been such a pleasure to meet all these amazing people, and I’m truly going to miss them.

Joseph Stuever GEd’22, L’24: I think most of my favorite memories in law school, as nerdy as it sounds, is studying with my friends. I feel like I developed the best friendships of my time here, working with my friends to study for class, especially during 1L, at the end of 1L. Spending countless hours in the library together and pushing through it and celebrating each other’s success through our time was really my favorite times here.

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