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The JLASC Blog Is Open for Submissions!

September 06, 2023

Hanging sign reading: JLASC Blog is Open for Submissions

If you are interested in having your work published on our blog, please email

Submissions must follow the following standards:

1. Mission Statement:

The Journal of Law and Social Change (JLASC) is a student-run journal and seminar committed to interdisciplinary scholarship addressing social, racial, and economic justice. The purpose of the JLASC Blog is to publish timely, short-form works that complement the Journal’s mission. We accept submissions from law students, legal practitioners, and legal academics.

2. What to submit:

JLASC Blog accepts a range of formats and styles for blog posts, and we are open to creative formats too. Some past posts include: short law review articles; interviews with a practitioner; or something else!

Suggested Length: about 2-5 pages double spaced, ideally < 50 footnotes

3. Format accepted:

  • final draft of blog post preferred, or
  • detailed proposal or rough drafts will be accepted, but only with an accompanying annotated bibliography (listing the sources to be cited and one sentence of explanation per source)

4. Standards:

  • 1. Clear author voice
  • 2. Clean document (without glaring errors)
  • 3. Citations dependent on format:
    • Short law review article requires a citation for every factual assertion. We tend to prefer standard footnotes and do not accept hyperlinks.
    • Interviews and transcripts might have fewer citations where a practitioner is reflecting on their personal experience. But still require citations for factual assertions (i.e. if someone says a statistic, try to find evidence to support that, or else put in a footnote with a similar statistic.)
    • Creative posts should include citations that would place the post within ongoing scholarly dialogue. Discussion about what this entails may begin after JLASC offers to post.