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Welcome, LLM Class of 2024!

July 31, 2023

This year’s accomplished cohort of over 100 Penn Carey Law LLM students hail from over 30 countries.

This week, the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School welcomes the impressive LLM Class of 2024.

“We are excited to welcome over 100 lawyers from over 30 countries, with experience working at law firms, corporations, government agencies, NGOs, and the judiciary,” said Executive Director of Graduate Programs Elise Luce Kraemer L’93. “The incoming LLMs practice areas range the gambit from antitrust, arbitration, capital markets, criminal law, cyber law, human rights, patent law, and wine law, with a marked increase in interest in ESG and climate justice.”

In addition to being fully trained as attorneys in their home countries, LLM students bring a wealth of private sector, government, and public interest experience. Nearly every member of this year’s LLM class speaks at least two languages, and many speak more, and the incoming class includes parents, musicians, travelers, potters, runners, and board game players.

Our program is welcoming students from more diverse backgrounds than ever, broadening our reach even within countries. For example, with the support of our outstanding alumni ambassadors and Daniela Branco, Associate Director, Graduate Programs, who is an attorney originally from Brazil, we’ve expanded in Brazil beyond Rio and Sao Paolo to Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, and Recife.

The LLMs begin their journey at Penn Carey Law with a five-week, five credit pre-term program designed to prepare them to engage fully with the Law School community, inside the classroom and beyond, in the fall and spring semester.

Helen Rho, Associate Director of Graduate Programs, spearheads the co-curricular and social aspects of the pre-term program, and reports that “there will be a focus on building close connections among the cohort and fostering a supportive environment. In addition to our traditional mindfulness and team building offerings, we’ve added a wellbeing workshop focused on stress management, an Equity and Inclusion class designed specifically for international students, and a group scavenger hunt.”

Other social activities on this summer’s agenda include introducing students to water ice—one of Philadelphia’s finest culinary treasures—and a pizza party in honor of all partners and family members who will provide invaluable support throughout this year.

New students will also benefit from words of wisdom from recent LLM graduates, such as those seen above, during two live panel sessions.

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