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Agile Regulation and the Future of Governance

May 03, 2023

Ayo Aladesanmi L’23, MPA’23 covers a recent panel discussion on governing a fast-changing world, hosted by Penn Program on Regulation (PPR).

At The Regulatory Review, Ayo Aladesanmi L’23, MPA’23 breaks down different perspectives on agile regulation as presented by expert panelists during a discussion sponsored by Penn Program on Regulation (PPR).

From The Regulatory Review:

Ayo Aladesanmi L'23, MPA'23 Ayo Aladesanmi L'23, MPA'23Does agile regulation amount to the latest fad among policymakers? Does it simply reflect concepts of management science repackaged for today’s regulatory agencies?

Or does it instead reflect a real path forward for centering innovation and efficiency across all levels of government?

During a recent panel discussion sponsored by the Penn Program on Regulation (PPR), leading experts asked these questions, and more.

Agile regulation, a framework for designing regulations to be flexible and adaptable to dynamic markets and a quickly changing world, holds immense promise for regulating the goods, services, and activities of the future, the panelists explained.

The dilemma, however, lies in balancing regulatory objectives with process-based considerations and constantly evolving technology.

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