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Meet Janeen Williams

May 01, 2023

Janeen Williams
Janeen Williams

Meet Biddle’s new Associate Director for Operations & Strategy

Janeen Williams Janeen WilliamsWhat is your role at the library?

As Associate Director for Operations and Strategy, it’s my job to ensure that library operations run efficiently. I love making to do lists and planning and organizing. That is a big component of my job here. I describe my role as taking the aspirational vision for the library and breaking that down into actionable tasks.

I also monitor the library’s operations budget, and I am actively involved in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring library staff. My role is mostly internal facing and administrative now. I like to think that I support the law school by ensuring that library staff have the resources they need to provide amazing services and programming.

Past Work Experience

My first library job was as a law librarian at NCCU. I later moved to the Law Library of Congress and worked in public services for three years. I returned to academic law libraries in 2019, and after zigzagging across the country, I’m happy to be back on the east coast.


I spend a lot of my free time trying to train a stubborn border collie mix named Jordan. The rest of the time I’m exploring Philadelphia, discovering new restaurants, trying new recipes, and reading. I also love anything art related. I’m looking forward to attending a few concerts this summer and maybe a dance festival or two.