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On Campus Biometric Screening 10/27

October 19, 2022

Penn’s Be in the Know 2022-2023 wellness campaign, open to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff, is your opportunity to focus on your health, connect with the Penn community, and earn rewards of up to $300.

This fall, Penn Healthy You is pleased to offer on-campus biometric screenings again as part of Penn’s annual faculty and staff wellness campaign. Free biometric screenings are available at convenient University locations through November 22. Sign up for your appointment online at the Health Advocate’s portal. Select Schedule a Health Screening, then Schedule to choose an appointment time.

The Law School will be hosting a biometric screening on Thursday, October 27, 9:00am – 2:00pm, at Silverman Hall, 2nd Floor, Levy Conference Center. To register for your screening appointment, use the above link to Health Advocate’s portal.

What You’ll Learn at the Biometric Screening
Quick, convenient, and confidential biometric screenings show you key indicators about your health. Your privacy is strictly protected. Penn will never know your individual screening results, health assessment answers, or personal health goals. Credit for completing a biometric screening and your results will automatically be sent to Virgin Pulse, if you are participating in the Be in the Know campaign (anticipate approximately two weeks for results to show on Virgin Pulse’s platform.)

At the on-campus biometric screening, a Health Advocate educator will measure your:

  • Blood pressure
  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Blood sugar/glucose

Choose from FOUR AVAILABLE OPTIONS to earn biometric screening credit—all free, convenient, and easy!

  • Two options available through Health Advocate:
    • On-campus screenings: Returning to Penn this fall, so watch for announcements.
    • Submit screening results from your healthcare provider: Obtain screening between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. Download the Consent to Release Results Form, then follow the instructions to submit your confidential results to Health Advocate.
  • Two options available through Virgin Pulse: Go to the Programs tab and Biometric Screenings page for order link and directions.
    • Labcorp Voucher Program: Download a voucher and schedule an appointment at a participating Labcorp facility near you.
    • Home Test Kits: Order online, complete at home, and return in the mail.


Complete a Biometric Screening = Earn $50 Reward

Start your Be in the Know experience by completing a biometric screening and learning key indicators about your health. At Penn, our biometric screenings provide results for:

    • Blood pressure
    • Total cholesterol
    • HDL cholesterol
    • Blood sugar/glucose


Begin Completing All Other Qualifying Activities—from the Health Check to Bonus Actions—to Earn Up to Another $250 in Rewards!

Choose to complete any Bonus Actions of interest (see the “Ways to Earn” list for over 90 options!) to earn points. As points accumulate, your goal is to reach the next points total to earn your next reward.

    • Reach 5,000 total points = Earn another $50 (Level 1 reward)
    • Reach 15,000 total points = Earn another $75 (Level 2 reward)
    • Reach 30,000 total points = Earn another $125 (Level 3 reward)

Please note that Pulse Cash is only rewarded upon achieving the total points required for each level reward. If you do not reach the next points threshold, you will not earn the next reward amount.


Keep going to earn special recognition as a VIP

Continue earning points to reach our highest level of achievement as a Be in the Know VIP, “Very Impressive Participant,” and earn special recognition.

    • Reach 50,000 points = Earn VIP recognition (Level 4 reward). You must also complete a biometric screening to earn VIP status.


We Look Forward to seeing you there!