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Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making

March 28, 2023

The Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making executive education program attracts professionals working in the public and private sectors across the world.

The Penn Program on Regulation (PPR) and Penn Carey Law Executive Education has  completed another offering of its executive education program on Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making.

Designed and led by PPR’s Director, Cary Coglianese, Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, the innovative, 6-day, 12-session program helps professionals from every industry and regulatory domain build the skills necessary to better analyze and make regulatory decisions as well as to operate effectively within an ever-changing regulatory environment.

The program’s interdisciplinary faculty included Professor of Law and Psychology, Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, who taught a session on behaviorally informed regulation and policy and “nudges.” It also featured Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. Professor of Law, Jonathan Klick, who taught a session on cost-benefit analysis and another on statistical analysis for regulation.

“The faculty talent was outstanding,” one participant commented. “I really appreciated that the instructors listened [to] my questions and provided insightful guidance,” noted another participant.

Dr. Shelley Metzenbaum, a former state environmental regulator as well as Associate Director of Performance and Personnel Management at the White House Office of Management and Budget, also taught three sessions on regulatory performance management. Metzenbaum is the founder of The BETTER Project focused on improving outcomes both within and outside government.

One participant commented that “the perspectives of multiple lecturers made for a well-rounded experience which all built on top of one another.”

The course covered a variety of topics relevant to regulatory staff and officials, representatives from regulated businesses, and other professionals who interact with regulation. Topics covered in the program included goal-setting, the design of regulatory instruments, compliance issues, retrospective regulatory reviews, and regulatory excellence.

“Partnering with our leading faculty experts, Penn Carey Law Executive Education takes a cross-disciplinary, thought-leadership approach to providing professional development offerings which allow participants across professions, industries, and governmental entities throughout the world to engage and thrive in their work and careers,” said Cheryl D. Hardy L’94, Associate Dean, Professional Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, Legal Education Programs. “Our exceptional Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making executive education program encapsulates and exemplifies these goals and objectives,” she noted.

This year’s program attracted participants from more than two dozen different public and private sector organizations across five continents. Participants included regulatory affairs specialists, policy analysts, lawyers, economists, executives, and compliance managers.

Participants praised the relevance and usefulness of the discussions and learning experiences provided by the course. One cohort member noted, “The information will directly lead to my ability to be more thoughtful and use better decision-making in the review, recommendation, and creation of regulations.”

Participants also recognized the course’s global applicability. “I really appreciated meeting people, working with regulators across the world and discussing issues and approaches with them,” another participant said at the close of the program. “I learned a lot from that.”

Coglianese is a globally renowned expert on regulatory law, analysis, and management who has produced extensive action-oriented research and scholarship that he draws upon in leading the course. He has consulted with regulatory organizations around the world and is the founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal Regulation & Governance. He also created and continues to serve as the faculty advisor to the PPR’s flagship publication, The Regulatory Review.

PPR, in collaboration with the Law School’s Legal Education Programs Office, will offer the “Regulatory Analysis and Decision-Making” executive program in a live, virtual format again on May 10-12 and 17-19, 2023. Registration is open now.

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