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What Does Insurance Actually Cover?

July 26, 2022

Prof. Tom Baker recently discussed the breadth of insurance policy coverage with WCCO News Talk 830.

Tom Baker, William Maul Measey Professor of Law, recently appeared on WCCO News Talk 880’s podcast to discuss what insurance actually covers in light of a recent court decision that awarded a woman more than $5 million from Geico after an encounter in the insured car with its owner left her with a sexually transmitted disease.

Baker is a highly regarded insurance expert, a leading scholar of insurance law and policy, and a devoted law teacher. He is the Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Restatement of the Law Liability Insurance and a co-founder of Picwell, a health data analytics company that provides advanced decision support tools to health insurance exchanges, insurers, and employers.

Baker’s pathbreaking COVID Coverage Litigation Tracker – a multi-sourced database and dashboard through which to view the unfolding insurance litigation arising out of the pandemic in federal and state courts – is widely cited in briefs, judicial opinions, and the press.

From WCCO News Talk 830:

Courts decided in the woman’s favor and ordered the insurance company to pay based on interpretation of “normal use of a vehicle.” When the news of the ruling came out, many were surprised, including the team at “Something Offbeat”. It made us wonder – how much does car insurance actually cover?

I’ll just give you some cases that we talked about in my insurance law class,” said Tom Baker, an insurance law professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Carey Law School who helped us break the case down and get a better understanding of what our insurance really covers. “So, a guy leaves his apartment on the second floor, goes down to the car, realizes he forgot his keys, calls up to his wife, she throws down the keys hits him in the eye – it arises out of use of a car.”

Does this apply to your insurance policies too? … .

Listen to the discussion.