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Title IX and Disability

June 23, 2022

On the anniversary of the landmark bill, Prof. Jasmine Harris shares five things to know about how Title IX and disability intersect.

From Penn Today:

It’s been 50 years since President Richard Nixon signed Title IX, the bill that prohibits sex-based discrimination in school or education programs that receives federal funding. Penn Today spoke with the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s [Professor of Law] Jasmine Harris to look at the law through a disability lens. Harris is a law and inequality legal scholar with expertise in disability law, anti-discrimination law, and evidence. Her work seeks to address the relationship between law and equality with a focus on law’s capacity to advance social norms of inclusion in the context of disability.

“We should celebrate the fact that Title IX has resulted in much greater equity and inclusion, but where we are 50 years later is trying to understand what meaningful access looks like for women, for individuals with disabilities, for individuals identifying as trans,” Harris says. “It’s not a simple binary of women and men in the sexual constructs that we thought of 50 years ago.”

Harris shared five thoughts on Title IX and disability and where the law should go from here… . 

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