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Cross-Disciplinary Advances

June 06, 2022

Penn Carey Law Campus
Penn Carey Law Campus
Students and faculty work across a diverse range of fields, forging the way forward in an increasingly interdisciplinary legal world.

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School students and faculty members continue to push and transcend the bounds of traditional legal thought through innovative pursuit of cross-disciplinary study. With 35 joint degree and certificate programs to choose from, Penn Carey Law students have ample opportunity to engage in the most exciting emerging fields from renowned experts across the University.

  • Prof. Dorothy Roberts Prof. Dorothy RobertsDorothy E. Roberts, Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor, George A. Weiss University Professor, and the Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Professor of Civil Rights, argues in The Philadelphia Inquirer that the child welfare system “can destroy families.”

  • In partnership with the School of Social Policy & Practice, the Law School is launching a new, formalized cross-disciplinary certificate program for students to learn about how best to advocate for the advancement of critical LGBTQ+ issues.

  • Faculty members collaborate with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to lead workshops on cutting-edge legal concepts for judges as part of the Commonwealth’s Continuing Judicial Education program.

  • Lydia Anglin L'23 Lydia Anglin L'23Lydia Anglin L’23 shares how a summer program led her to study the intersection of ESG and the law with the dual Carey JD/MBA. At both the Law School and the Wharton School, Anglin aims to continue to chart a path that prioritizes building community, particularly when it comes to mentoring other women of color who seek to enter the ever-evolving fields of business and law.

  • Students in Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine can now pursue a Certificate in Law through the newly formalized VMD/ML program, which will empower them to better understand essential policy and regulatory issues that impact their work caring for animals.

  • In partnership with Princeton and Harvard, Penn Carey Law students pursue JD/MPA and JD/MPP degrees in preparation for dynamic careers in government.

  • Ellen Heiman L'22 Ellen Heiman L’22Driven by her passion for the planet, Ellen Heiman L’22 pursued a certificate in Environmental Science through the Institute of Environmental Studies. Heiman aims to apply her cross-disciplinary education to sustainable city planning and environmental justice.

  • Penn Carey Law students pursuing cross-disciplinary study across the University speak to the ways in which their educations will help them grow into better advocates in a range of diverse fields.

Learn about these and more about exciting cross-disciplinary developments and achievements at Penn Carey Law.