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Penn Law’s Oral Histories Collection

February 25, 2022

Professor Regina Austin is being celebrated for her scholarship and groundbreaking work at this year’s 34th Sadie T.M. Alexander Commemorative Conference. Watch or read excerpts from Austin’s oral history interview from 1999.

The Legal Oral History Project of Penn Law consists of one- to two-hour interviews with faculty, alumni, and public interest practitioners. The interviews were conducted between 1999 and 2006. Streaming media is accompanied by transcripts and video indexes.

Regina Austin

Regina Austin (L ’73) is the William A. Schnader Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania. She serves as the Director of the Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law.


Explore Other Interviews in the Collection

André L. Dennis

André L. Dennis practices in Philadelphia in the areas of civil rights and product liability. Dennis represented Ramona Africa in her lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia after the 1985 MOVE bombing. In 1997 he was named an honorary fellow of Penn Law School.

Michele Tuck-Ponder

Michele Tuck-Ponder (L ’83) has held many positions in law, government, education, media relations, and the non-profit sector. From 1995 to 1997, she served as mayor of Princeton, New Jersey.

Cynthia E. White

Cynthia E. White (L ’80) worked in the City of Philadelphia Law Department from 1984 to 2017, becoming Chief Deputy Solicitor of the Tax Unit in 1995. She has also served as president and board chairman of the Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project.