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Digital Study Aids Updates

March 03, 2022

closeup photograph of hand on a keyboard
closeup photograph of hand on a keyboard
Lexis Digital Library is now available through Lexis Plus. Wolters Kluwer’s study aids library is now Aspen Learning Library and has a new desktop and mobile app.


Screenshot of the Lexis Plus dropdown menu

Study Aids via Lexis Plus

The Lexis Digital Library is now available in Lexis Plus. The product is listed in the Lexis Plus dropdown menu. These study aids can still be accessed through the Lexis Digital Library. This update just provides an additional option.

Don’t have a Lexis Plus account? View instructions to register for an account.


Aspen Learning Library

Wolters Kluwer Study Aids has a new name and URL, but the content remains the same. The collection contains over 200 study aids, including Examples & Explanations, Glannon Guides, and other popular series.

You do not need to create a personal account to view the site’s contents; however, an account allows for added functionality, such as annotating and downloading ebooks for offline reading. If you previously created a personal account, you do not need to make a new one.

Aspen Learning Library Authentication Options

Access on Desktop & Mobile Devices

If you previously downloaded the IPC Reader for offline reading, you will need to remove the program and install the new Aspen Learning Library app.

Download the Aspen Learning App

Aspen Learning User Guides

Steps to Using the App

1. Open the app.

2. Under I want to sign in using, choose the LAST option: if none of these apply (Remote Login)

3. Log in with your personal Aspen Learning Library account.

If you have questions about these resources please contact the library.