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BookList: Native American Heritage Month

November 15, 2021

Native American book covers
Native American book covers

In honor of National Native American Heritage month, we’ve chosen to highlight some of the resources in Biddle’s collection that deal with aspects of Native American life including contemporary culture and identity, history, tribal law and sovereignty, and the federal government’s relationship to indigenous nations.

Author: Andy Lang

Real Indians: Identity and the Survival of Native America (2003)

By Eva Marie Garroutte

Everything you Know about Indians is Wrong (2009)

By Paul Chaat Smith

Broken Landscape: Indians, Indian Tribes, and the Constitution (2009)

By Frank Pommersheim

The Rights of Indians and Tribes (2012)

By Stephen L. Pevar

The Erosion of Tribal Power : The Supreme Court’s Silent Revolution (2016)

By Dewi Ioan Ball

Dismembered : Native Disenrollment and the Battle for Human Rights (2017)

By David E. Wilkins and Shelly Hulse Wilkins

The Native American Identity in Sports : Creating and Preserving a Culture. (2013)

By Frank A Salamone

Reclaiming the Reservation: Histories of Indian Sovereignty Suppressed and Renewed (2019)

By Alexandra Harmon

American Indian Politics and the American Political System (2018)

By David E. Wilkins

American Indian History on Trial: Historical Expertise in Tribal Litigation (2018)

By E. Richard Hart

HeinOnline Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: History, Culture, and Law (Database)