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Biddle Fall Fest Winners!

October 29, 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated in Biddle Fall Fest this past week. Did you win a prize? Find out...

Congratulations to all the winners! You will be contacted next week with instructions for claiming your prize!

Lightning Talk Series Raffle Winners


Yu-Po (Paul) Chang - Avril 50
Jenny Choi - Federal Donuts
Senanayake Keshara - Franklin Table


Ben-Yi Cheng
Josh Herzberg
Armand Morales
Gaku Oshima 
Gaelle Pierre-Louis
Isaac Rice
Ariel Smith
Laurel Sutherland
Bernard Tan
Celine Zhuo

Philly Goat Project

Ellen Heiman - Private Goat Visit
Trevor Kirby - Philly Goat Project Calendar
Stephanie Greaver - Philly Goat Project Calendar

Virtual Contest Winners

Zachary Strickland
Find the Gnome

Jamie Baum
Digital Scavenger Hunt

Ryoko Taki
Instagram Photo Contest:

Biddle Law Library Staircase

Stephanie Greaver
Archives Photo Caption Contest:

1975 The Report yearbook photo of Penn LAw students in classroom

Three Weeks In and Still No One Knows What a Tort Is