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The Life & Legacy of Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander

January 31, 2021

Below is a bibliography of resources about and by Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander provided by the Law School’s Library.

Selected Archives and Digital Exhibits:

  1. Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, Univ. Archives & Records Ctr., of Pa., visited Jan. 12, 2021).
  2. Alexander Family Papers 1817-2005 [UPT 50 A374], Archives & Records Ctr., Univ. of Pa., visited Jan. 12, 2021).
  3. Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Papers [UPT 50 A374S], Archives & Records Ctr., Univ. of Pa., visited Jan. 12, 2021).
  4. Sadie and Raymond Alexander Joint Papers [UPT 50 A374SR], Archives & Records Ctr., Univ. of Pa., visited Jan. 12, 2021).
  5. Photographs of Dr. Alexander from the Penn University Archives, Artstor,;term=sadie%20alexander;page=1;size=72(search public collections for “sadie alexander”) (last visited Jan. 12, 2021).
  6. Honorary Degrees, 1978-1979 [Box 19], Theodore Friend Papers [RG6.D11], Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore Coll., correspondence and speeches for honorary degree recipients, including Dr. Alexander).

Selected Works About Dr. Sadie T.M Alexander:

  1. “I could and I would”: Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander Scholarships honor life and legacy of trailblazing civil rights activist (2021). 
  2. Raymond Pace Alexander, Blacks and the Law, 43 Y. St. B.J. 15 (1971).
  3. Allener Baker-Rogers & Fasaha M. Traylor, They Carried Us: The Social Impact of Philadelphia’s Black Women Leaders(2020).
  4. Nina Banks, Black Women and Racial Advancement: The Economics of Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, 33 Black Pol. Econ. 9 (2005).
  5. Nina Banks, The Black Worker, Economic Justice and the Speeches of Sadie T.M. Alexander, 66 Soc. Econ. 139 (2008).
  6. Gerald Fraser, Sadie T. M. Alexander, 91, Dies; Lawyer and Civil Rights Advocate, N.Y. Times, Nov. 3, 1989, at D18. Also available at:
  7. Marcia Greenlee, Interview with Sadie Alexander, January 26, 1977in Black Women Oral History Project: Volume 2 67-86 (Ruth Edmonds Hill ed., 1991).
  8. Monica R. Hargrove, Evolution of Black Lawyers in Corporate America: From the Road Less Traveled to Managing the Major Highways, 53 Howard L.J. 749 (2010).
  9. Damon Hewitt, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Legacy of Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, 16 Nat’l. Black L. J.109 (1998/1999).
  10. Davlyn Hollie, Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, Philadelphia Collaborative History (last visited Jan. 12, 2021),
  11. Ellen Kountz, Three Generations of Black Women in the Philadelphia Legal Profession(1991). 
  12. Kenneth W. Mack, A Social History of Everyday Practice: Sadie T. M. Alexander and the Incorporation of Black Women into the Legal Profession, 1925-1960, 87 Cornell L. Rev. 1405 (2002). Also available in the University Archives:
  13. Kenneth W. Mack, Rethinking Civil Rights Lawyering and Politics in the Era Before Brown, 115 Yale L.J.256 (2005).
  14. Kenneth W. Mack, Representing the Race: The Creation of the Civil Rights Lawyer(2012).
  15. Julianne Malveaux, Missed Opportunity: Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander and the Economics Professionin A Different Vision, African American Economic Thought, Volume 1 123-128 (Thomas D. Boston, ed., 1997).
  16. Charles Lewis Nier III, Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity: The Civil Rights Activism of Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander,8 Pol. & Civ. Rts. L. Rev. 59 (1998).
  17. Gregory S. Parks & Marcia Hernandez, Fortitude in the Face of Adversity: Delta Sigma Theta’s History of Racial Uplift, 13 Hastings Race & Poverty L.J. 273 (2016).
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  24. Francille Wilson, Becoming “Woman of the Year”: Sadie TM Alexander’s Construction of a Public Persona as a Black Professional Woman, 1920-1950, 2 Black Women, Gender + Families1 (2008).
  25. Francille Wilson, All of the Glory … Fade … Quickly: Sadie T. M. Alexander and Black Professional Women, 1920-1950, in Sister Circle: Black Women and Work(Sharon Harley ed., 2002).
  26. The First of Many Firsts – The Pennsylvania Gazette (

Selected Works By Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander:

  1. S. President’s Comm. On Civil Rights , To Secure These Rights, the Report of the President’s Committee on Civil Rights (1947). Available at To Secure These Rights, Harry S. Truman Library & Museum, National Archives, visited Jan. 12, 2021).
  2. Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, Standard of Living Among One Hundred Negro Migrant Families in Philadelphia(1921).
  3. Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, A Study of the Negro Tuberculosis Problem in Philadelphia(1923).
  4. Who’s Who Among Negro Lawyers (Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander ed., National Bar Association, 1945). Full text available through HathiTrust:
  5. Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, National Bar Directory (National Bar Association, 1946). 

Other Organizations and Resources:

  1. About Us, Penn Alexander School(Dec. 3, 2020),
  2. About Us, The Sadie Collective(last visited Jan. 12, 2021), is a bibliography of resources about and by Dr. Alexander, including links to finding aids to archival collections and a digital exhibit about her, selected works about Dr. Alexander’s life and work, and a few works by Dr. Alexander herself.