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Penn Carey Law: Our New Logo 2022

August 02, 2022


We are approaching the 100% line for our use of our handsome new logo for Penn Carey Law!


As many departments have seen first-hand since the Carey Foundation’s generous gift was first announced, that gift has enabled us to undertake a host of initiatives that cement our stature in legal education. To list just a few:

  • We transitioned to remote and hybrid learning quickly and efficiently,
  • Penn Carey Law froze tuition for the 2020-2021 school year (one of few law schools able to do so),
  • Our faculty identified, hired, and retained world-class colleagues (including Jasmine Harris, Cara McClellan, and Shelley Welton, who will all be on-site full time starting this fall),
  • We continued our deep and wide partnerships with our 11 sister schools at Penn, allowing more than 60% of the JD Class of 2022 to graduate with an additional Penn degree or certificate, and
  • We have expanded access to a Penn Carey Law education, increasing financial aid significantly, and continuing to do so: over the next five years, we will make an additional investment of more than $8 million, increasing aid by 68%.

And these accomplishments are just the start!


Our goal is to be consistently and completely using our long-form (University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School) and short-form (Penn Carey Law) names, alongside our new logo, by September.


We have many initiatives moving forward to ensure that we are ready to go. And our efforts dovetail with the launch of a University-wide approval process for all Penn affiliated logos. As a next step, watch for an email from Communications that outlines the steps that we will all take (use of new logo/s; website updates; stationery purchasing) to ensure our compliance with the terms of this most generous gift, still the largest gift in the history of legal education.


We’re also working via Conferences and Events (coordinating staff orders) and our School Store/Student Affairs (placing orders) to maintain a supply of branded items; please be in touch with Dori to learn how your department can participate.


Thanks to all – Penn Carey Law rocks because of you!