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Digital Clean Up: Are Your Files Up to Date?

August 02, 2022

Every year, the University’s security audit give Penn Carey Law high marks for our collective efforts to keep the data we rely on safe and secure. Your part in this effort is imperative. And, as we do every year, it’s time to take a good look at our files and communication and take a few simple steps to ensure that safety and security.


Here’s a fact, based in federal and state laws, industry practices, and principles of data stewardship: as University employees who create, use, or maintain confidential data, we are partners with our information technology and University colleagues in the adequate protection of that data. One prominent area of concern: confidential, personal, or proprietary data that could cause significant harm to individuals or to Penn if compromised. We depend on one another to consider whether and where we have this kind of information, and to delete it via our annual clean up procedures.


ITS will be sending an email this week announcing this week’s efforts. We’re asking EVERY department to schedule some time for DATA CLEAN UP. Thank you in advance for doing your part!