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Submit Your Writing Sample for Review — January1–4

January 04, 2021

Former Penn Law LPS Professor Cecilia Silver is on hand to provide review and feedback for writing samples, January 1–4. If you have not already had your writing sample reviewed by Professor Silver and are interested, click this post for the step-by-step process.

As part of On Campus Interviewing and other upcoming recruiting activities, many employers will ask for a writing sample. We are pleased to announce that we have once again engaged former Penn Law LPS Professor Cecilia Silver to provide review and feedback for writing samples!

Here is what to do:

  1. Select your writing sample
    • The sample should be between 5–10 pages.
    • Select a sample that showcases your legal analysis and clarity in writing. If you have questions, please review our writing sample guidance here.
    • It can be a subsection of a larger paper with a cover page that describes the full piece. Please see our sample cover page here.
    • Select a single sample. Professor Silver will provide feedback on a single writing sample, but will not read multiple samples and recommend one over another.
  2. Email your sample to Professor Silver.

Deadline information: Professor Silver is available to review writing samples January 1–4, 2021. Please submit your writing sample between January 1st and January 4th in order to have it reviewed before OCI starts.