The Art of Persuasion-Virtual Option (Professionalism Day 2021)

Registration has closed for this event. Please register for another 1L Leadership Development session option. If you have questions or concerns please email Assistant Director, Claudia Toro at Professionalism Day 2021 Leadership Development 1L Session Option Participants engage in simulations and problem-solving exercises based on actual business situations. You will gain insights that enhance the ability to work with and through others. Practical takeaways are immediately applicable. Examples include: Persuasion styles and how you can adapt them to achieve desired outcomes The five barriers to communication and collaboration, and methods for overcoming the barriers The systematic steps in the process of selling ideas, and negotiating when you need to The similarities and differences among influencing, persuading, and negotiating Ways to build organizational momentum for ideas Techniques for motivating others to take action Winning support for culture change