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E&I Fellows: Fall Workshop with Tony DelaRosa

October 23, 2023

On October 20, 2024, E&I hosted Tony DelaRosa for a workshop with our Equity & Inclusion (E&I) Fellows. The workshop, entitled Cross-Racial Solidarity, guided Fellows through Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist facilitation skills. This workshop was part of a year-long educational program that supports Fellows in honing key communication and facilitation skills so that they can be prepared to engage in and lead challenging conversations in many different settings.

Dr. Jamiella Brooks directs the program, which aims to enhance 2L and 3L students’ ability to think critically and empathetically while facilitating dialogue across difference. “Argumentation and debate are a cornerstone of a legal education,” says Dr, Brooks, “And, it’s vital that law students learn to disagree constructively, to listen actively to the nuances and complexities of divergent viewpoints, and to communicate the value of those differences.”

Fellows have appreciated the opportunity to delve deeply into honing these important skills. According to Shannelle Jones, a 3L Fellow, “The E&I Fellows program has allowed me to be in community with my peers while learning the skills needed to be a well-rounded future lawyer.” Andrew Bookbinder, also a 3L Fellow, adds “In the E&I Fellows, the E&I office has cultivated a fantastic group of students with a wide variety of experiences to begin undertaking the difficult work of connecting with the student body on vital issues.”

You can read more about the E&I Fellows at this link.