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Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Spam & Phishing

October 18, 2023

Be mindful of scams when you’re responding to email, phone calls, and texts. Many major cybersecurity incidents start with a single malicious email.

What does spam and phishing look like?

  1. They create a sense of urgency or claim to need help.
  2. They are unexpected. You don’t recognize the phone number or email address, or the address looks odd.
  3. They ask for personal or financial info.
  4. They want you to download a file or click on a link.

Our email protection tools remove thousands of malicious emails from your inbox every week. Despite these defenses, malicious messages still get through.

Help us improve Penn Carey Law’s cyber-safety by reporting spam and phishing emails to

The sooner you forward suspicious emails to ITS, the sooner we can take action to block spam and phishing!

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to