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Study Rooms Guidelines

Due to increased demand for Library study rooms, an online reservation system will be available during exam time. This system is designed to make the study rooms available to as many law students as possible.

Failure to abide by the procedures established to regulate study room use could result in fines as well as loss of study room privileges. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the procedures and policies below.

Study Room Regulations

Single, Double, and Group study rooms are for the use of the Penn Law community. Only Penn Law students may reserve study rooms.

Single & Double Study Rooms

The Library now maintains an online study room reservation system. A law student may reserve a single or double study room up to a week in advance for a maximum of four hours per day. Students are limited to a maximum of 16 reserved hours per week. This includes time reserved for group rooms. Each day begins at 7:30 a.m. and each week begins on Monday. Reservations in excess of these limits are subject to cancellation without notice.

Reservations are held for up to 15 minutes for late arrivals. After 15 minutes the reservation will be expunged from the reservation system and the room is available for reservation and use by others.

Study rooms that are not reserved on the reservation system are available for use by any eligible law student, providing they are not in excess of the 16-hour/week limit. Students with reservations take precedence over study room users without reservations regardless of who occupies the space first. In case of a disagreement regarding the right to occupy a study room, the online reservation system is controlling.

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms may be reserved only by groups of 3 or more students, for a maximum of four hours per day, and eight hours per week. All members of a group must be present to get a key. All members of a group must be listed on the online reservation system. Individuals and pairs may use group study rooms with the understanding that they may be bumped at any time by groups of 3 or more. The 15-minute cancellation rule also applies to late arrivals for group study rooms. Group room reservations count towards the 16 hour weekly limit.

Study Room Keys

Study room keys circulate for four hours. Failure to return keys promptly when they are due will result in a fine of $5 - $25. Keys may not be removed from the library, and will not be held for study room users at the Circulation Desk. You are expected either to occupy and use your study room, or to return the key so that another student can do so. Please plan accordingly.

To make your reservations, use this tool.

Failure to observe any of the above rules will result in the loss of study room privileges. Thank you for your cooperation.