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Frequently Requested Materials


American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2nd (Ref/KF 170.A542) 2 North
American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts (KF 8933.A42) 4 South
American Jurisprudence 2nd (Ref/KF 154.A42) 2 North
American Jurisprudence Trials (KF 8915.A74) 4 South
American Law Reports (KF 132.A485) and ALR Index (KF 132.A485) 4 North
Antitrust Materials (KF 1605 - KF 1657) 4 South
Atlantic Reporter (West) (KF 135.A7) 4 North
Banking Materials (KF 957 - KF 1036) 4 South
Bankruptcy Materials (KF 1501 - KF 1599) 4 South
Bieber’s Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations (Ready Ref/Closed Reserve/KF 246.B46) 2 North & 2 South
Black’s Law Dictionary (Ref/KF 156.B53) 2 North
Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Ready Ref and Reserve/KF 245.U54) 2N & 2S
Canadian Materials (KC 180-KC 230 and KC/KE) 5 South
Century Digest (West)(KF 139) 4 North
CIS Index/Abstract (Congressional Information Service)(Ref/KF 49.C62) 2 North
Code of Federal Regulations (rules and regulations, not annotated)(KF 70.A3) 4 North
Congressional Record (KF 35.C62) 4 North
Congressional Serial Set (KF 49.U56) 4 North
Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Materials (KF 2972 - KF 3197) 4 South
Corpus Juris Secundum (West)(Ref/KF 154.C56) 2 North
Criminal Law Reporter (BNA)(KF 9615.C7) 4 South
Current Law Index (Ref/K 33.C87)(hard copy and CD-ROM) 2 North
Decennial Digest (West)(KF 141) 4 North
Environmental Materials (KF 3775 - KF 3812) 4 South
Federal Digests (West)(KF 127.F4 - KF 127.W48) 4 North
Federal Forms (West)(KF 8836.W4) 4 South
Federal Practice and Procedure (Wright & Miller) (KF 9619.W7) 4 South
Federal Register (rules and regulations)(KF 70.A2) 4 North
Federal Reporter (West)(KF 105.F4) 4 North
Federal Rules Decisions (West)(KF 8839.F4) 4 South
Federal Rules of Evidence Service and Digest (Callaghan)(KF 8935.F4) 4 South
Federal Rules Service and Digest (Callaghan)(KF 8830) 4 South
Federal Supplement (West)(KF 120.F4) 4 North
Foreign and International Reference Materials 4 West
Foreign Relations of the United States (JX 233.A3) 5 South
General Digest (KF 141.W41) 4 North
Index to Legal Periodicals (Ref/K 33.I545) 2 North
International Materials, JX 5 South
International Materials, KZ 3 South
Labor Materials (mostly federal)(KF 3300 B KF 3673) 4 South
Landmark Briefs and Records of the Supreme Court (KF 101.8.K8) 4 North
Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory (Ref/KF 190.M37)(current Phila. and NYC on Closed Reserve) 2 N & S
Military Justice Reporter (West)(KF 7605.A2.W4) 4 South
Moore’s Federal Practice (Bender) (KF 8820.A313.M63) 4 South
Northeastern Reporter (West)(KF 135.N6) 4 North
Northwestern Reporter (West)(KF 135.N7) 4 North
Pacific Reporter (West)(KF 135.P2) 4 North
Pennsylvania Materials
Dunlap-Hanna Pennsylvania Forms (KFP 68.D81) 3 North
Goodrich-Amram 2d Procedural Rules Service with Forms (Pa.)(KFP 530.G6) 3 North
Pennsylvania Bulletin (rules and regulations)(KFP 36.P46) 3 North
Pennsylvania Cases and Digests (KFP 45.A2 - KFP 57.W47) 3 North
Pennsylvania Code (rules and regulations))(KFP 35.1970.A23) 3 North
Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (not annotated)(KFP 30.1975.A25) 3 North
Pennsylvania Court Rules (KFP 519 - KFP 529.5.B8.A2) 3 North
Pennsylvania Practice Materials (KFP 66.P4 - KFP 596.M33) 3 North
Philadelphia Code (KFX 2121.A6) 3 North
Purdon’s Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated (KFP 30.1973.A44) 3 North
Shepard’s Pennsylvania Citations (KFP 59.S5) (Closed Reserve/Circulation Desk) 2 South
Bound (Per/A-Z) 5N & 5S
Unbound, current and loose (Per/A-Z)(Reserve Reading Room) 2 South
Pike & Fischer Communications Regulation (KF 2810.A6.P572) 4 South
Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics Materials (KF 297 - KF 313) 4 North
Public Utilities Reports (KF 2085.A2) 4 South
Restatements of Law (throughout the collection by subject) 3 & 4
Securities Materials (KF 1068 - KF 1085 and KF 1433 - KF 1444) 4 South
Southeastern Reporter (West)(KF 135.S6) 4 North
Southwestern Reporter (West)(KF 135.S7) 4 North
Southern Reporter (West)(KF 135.S8) 4 North
State Materials (KFA - KFW)(The 3rd letter of the call # is the 1st letter of the state’s name) 3N & 4S
Supreme Court Reporter (West)(KF 101.S9) 4 North
Tax Materials (mostly federal)(KF 6260 B KF 6775) 4 South
UN Treaty Series (JX 170) 5 South
Uniform Commercial Code Materials (KF879 - KF 890) 4 South
Uniform Laws Annotated (KF 165.A5 and REF/KF 165.A5) 4N & 2N
United Kingdom Materials (KD, KDC-KDK) 3 South
U.S. Code (Official and not annotated)(KF 62.1988.A2) 4 North
U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News (West)(Ref/KF 48.U5) 2 North
U.S. Code Annotated (West) (KF 62.1927.W45) 4 North
U.S. Code Service (Lawyers’ Edition, annotated) (KF 62.1972.L38) 4 North
U.S. International Trade Materials (KF 6655 - KF 6708) 4 South
U.S. Law Week (General and Supreme)(BNA)(Ready Ref/Reserve/Stacks/KF 105.B8) 2N, 2S, 4N
U.S. Patents Quarterly (KF 3105.3.U4) 4 South
U.S. Reports (Official) (KF 101.A3) 4 North
U.S. Statutes at Large and “Slip Laws” (KF 50.U5) 4 North
U.S. Supreme Court Digest (Lawyers’ Edition) (KF 101.1.D5) 4 North
U.S. Supreme Court Digest (West) (KF 101.1U55) 4 North
U.S. Supreme Court Reports (Lawyers’ Edition) (KF 101.U58) 4 North
U.S. Treaties (JX 235.9.A34) 5 South
University of Pennsylvania Law School Materials (KF 292) 4 North
Words and Phrases (Ref/KF 156.W6712) 2 North