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Articles Through Infotrieve

Infotrieve is available only to University of Pennsylvania Law School faculty, students and staff. You must check LOLA, Franklin, and Drexel Library’s online catalog; and electronic journals available at Hein Online and Van Pelt’s Multidisciplinary Electronic Journals before using Infotrieve.

To Access Infotrieve

NOTE: If you have the option of choosing Netscape or Internet Explorer, select Internet Explorer. At this time Infotrieve is most compatible with Internet Explorer. Infotrieve is working to make it as efficient with Netscape.

  1. Log on to Biddle Law Library’s web page (; click on ILL/Document Delivery - ILL (for Penn Law).
  2. Read the general ILL/document delivery instructions and click at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Check LOLA, Franklin, and Drexel University Library holdings by clicking on the appropriate link. If the journal or the book is not available at any of these libraries, follow instructions in number 4 on the web page.
  4. Click on Infotrieve. Click on LOGON in the left column. Your logon name is the first letter of your first name followed by your last name, all lower case, no punctuation or spaces; e.g., Bob Smith = bsmith; Mary Jones-Smith = mjonessmith. In a few instances we had to use your middle initial (Mary J. Smith = mjsmith) or full first name Mary Smith = marysmith) in order maintain the uniqueness of your login name. All users were contacted if there was a variation in the login. If your first -initial-last-name doesn’t work, try one of the variations above. If that doesn’t work, see Merle Slyhoff (T-212,
  5. Enter your password. The generic password is Biddle. For your protection, change this to a unique password the first time you use Infortrieve. To change your password, click on PROFILE in the left column. If you can’t remember your password, contact Merle Slyhoff (T-212,
  6. For online assistance when using Infotrieve, click on HELP.
  7. Remember to click on LOGOUT when you have completed your searches.

Using Infotrieve

** Restrictions **

Biddle will subsidize Infotrieve requests for articles needed for Law School research purposes that are not available in Biddle, at other Penn libraries, or Drexel, or in instances where an online version from Westlaw or LEXIS is not acceptable. If Biddle owns the item you are requesting a book symbol appears next to the journal title during checkout. You must check the shelves to see if the item is available. Biddle will not subsidize student requests for materials available in Biddle, on campus, or at Drexel.

Order Procedures

  1. Click on “Advanced Search” in the top bar.
  2. Use Option 1 (Boolean searching) or option 2 (journal name/article in key fields).
  3. Select the article you need.
  4. Click “Place in Cart”
  5. You can then search for other journals and articles.

To Checkout

  1. Click on CHECKOUT.
  2. Fill in the STATUS box from the choices given.
  3. Chose a delivery method. If you choose FAX you will be able to edit the fax number. The default number is the ILL office. If you choose ARIEL the article will be delivered to the ILL office.
  5. Check the information. REMEMBER: If the book symbol appears by the title you MUST check Biddle’s shelves for the journal. You can edit the delivery information to change the fax number to a machine of your choice. If everything is correct, click PLACE ORDER.
  6. Print the page that appears with the Order Confirmation, or record the order confirmation number. Information on checking the status of your order is at the bottom of this page. It is your responsibility to contact Infotrieve if there are any problems with the fax (such as missing or illegible pages). You will need the Order Confirmation number for the request. Click LOGOUT.
  7. Articles ordered through Infotrieve will be placed in your mail folders.
  8. For assistance see Merle Slyhoff (T-212, 215-898-9013,