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Faculty Document Delivery

Interlibrary Loan


 Amanda Runyon

Associate Dean & Director 
215-898-2631, T-215
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Matti Mejia

Operations and Finance Coordinator 
215-898-2631, T-242

Genevieve Tung

Associate Director for Educational Programs
215-898-4169, T-208
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Collection Services

Gabriela Femenia

 Associate Director for Collections & Operations
215-898-7442, T-412
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Susan Gualtier

Reference & FCIL Librarian 
215-898-6443, T-210

Sarah Oswald

215-898-5011, T-251

Elizabeth Wittrig

Project Archivist 
215-898-1721, T-232

Research and Scholarship Services

Timothy C. Von Dulm

Associate Director for Research & Scholarship
215-898-0844, T-214
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Andrew Lang

Head of Reference
215-573-8842, T-209
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Bill Draper

Reference Librarian 
215-898-3059, T-415
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Paul Riermaier

Reference Librarian 
215-898-0639, T-213
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Evan Silverstein

Library Specialist
215-746-3739, T-249 

Mary Shelly 

Reference Librarian
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Resource Management

 Jeffrey Grillo

Associate Director for Resource Management and Access Services 
215-898-7690, T-238
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Nancy Bellafante

Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian 
215-898-0230, T-244

Jennifer Cho

Library Assistant for Serials and Electronic Resources
215-746-3736, T-240

Eoin Ennis

Library Specialist for Acquisitions
215-898-7063, T-240

Jennifer Fisher

Library Assistant for Acquisitions 
215-898-8269, T-240

John Hogan

Library Specialist for Metadata and Systems 
215-898-6132, T-243

Ellen Reece

Metadata and Systems Librarian
215-898-7299, T-241 
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Stephan Way

Library Assistant for Metadata & Systems
215-746-3735, T-240

Access Services

Lori Rowland

Head of Access Services 
215-746-1755, T-211
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Brandy Atchison

Library Assistant 
215-898-9012, T-221

Elizabeth Boch

Library Specialist for Collection Management 
215-898-7478, T-221 

Aaron Douglas

Senior Library Clerk 
215-898-7478, T-221

Zephorah Dove

Circulation Assistant 
215-898-7478, T-221

Ionelia Engel

Library Assistant 
215-898-7478, T-221

Annmarie Geist

Library Specialist for Faculty Document Delivery
215-898-7478, T-235