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The National Bankruptcy Archives

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In October 2000, the Biddle Law Library and the American College of Bankruptcy collaborated to create a special collection entitled the National Bankruptcy Archives (NBA), a national repository of materials relating to the history of debtor-creditor relations, bankruptcy and the reorganization of debt. The NBA collects records from the American College of Bankruptcy as well as from other organizations whose activities have been relevant to the history of bankruptcy and insolvency legislation, regulation, and administrative and judicial determination. The NBA also houses papers of individuals who have influenced the field, and other collections documenting the history of bankruptcy law.


Finding Aids

To view finding aids for the National Bankruptcy Archives, click here.

Personal Papers

Adams, David H., 1984-2006 (NBA.041)*
Bihary, Joyce, 1999-2009 (NBA.039)*
Bufford, Samuel L., 1980-2010 (NBA.035)*
Cosetti, Joseph L., 1972-2001 (NBA.025)*
Cristol, A.J., 1985-2007 (NBA.043)*
Drabkin, Murray, 1932-1999 (NBA.003)
Dreher, Nancy C., 1987-2001 (NBA.026)*
Fitzgerald, Judith K., 1972-2011 (NBA.054)*
Forman, Leon S., 1978-1997 (NBA.020)
Francis, Merrill R., 1989-1999 (NBA.006)
Ginsberg, Robert E., 1978-2000 (NBA.052)*                                                                                         Glosband, Daniel, 1998-2013 (NBA.055);  NBA.056)
Kelley, Ralph H., 1952-2004 (NBA.002)*
King, Lawrence P., 1952-2001 (NBA.001)
Kingsmill, T. Hartley, 1982-1988 (NBA.022)*
Klee, Kenneth N., 1969-1999 (NBA.005)
Kirkham, Francis R., circa 1935-1938 (NBA.032)
Koger, Frank W., 1990-1997 (NBA.014)*                                                                                               Levin, Richard. 1933-1978 (NBA.060)
Martin, Robert D., 1983-2000 (NBA.009)*
McFeeley, Mark B., 1982-1999 (NBA.042)*
Moore, Thomas., 1979-1990 (NBA. 038)
Morton, Robert B., 1973-1993 (NBA.018)
Mund, Geraldine, 1989-2002 (NBA.051)*                                                                                             Nachman, Norman H., 1983-1998 (NBA,057)
Newsome, Randall J., 1969-2010 (NBA.040)*
Riegle, Linda B., 1991-1997 (NBA.015)*                                                                                               Rosen, Leonard M., 1973-1994 (NBA.058)
Pearson, John K., 1986-1993 (NBA.019)*
Scott, Mary Davies, 1984-2002 (NBA.017)*
Sheinfeld, Myron M., 1993 (NBA.023)
Small, A. Thomas., 1982-2009 (NBA.036)*
Sommer, Henry J., 1975-2005 (NBA.033)
Votolato, Arthur N., 1968-1986 (NBA.046)*
Weinfeld, Edward, 1972-1978 (NBA.021)
*Judge (Hon.)

Organizational Records

American Bankruptcy Institute Records, 1982-2013 (NBA.048)
American College of Bankruptcy Records, 1991-2013 (NBA.007)
National Bankruptcy Conference Records, 1948-1996 (NBA.004)
National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges Records, 1926-2013 (NBA.012)

Digital Collections

Digital Collections: Oral Histories & Programs Home

Rare Books and Manuscripts 

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Other Collections

National Bankruptcy Review Commission Records 
Enron Examiner Reports, 2002-2004 (NBA.049)
General Motors Bankruptcy, 2009 (NBA.044)
Newsletters of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, 1983-2003 (NBA.016)
Conrad B. Duberstein Collection, 2005 (NBA.024)
Federal Judicial Center Educational Program Audiotapes, 1972-1985 (NBA.013)
George C. Paine Collection of In re Benny Records, 1984 (NBA.028)
Great American Management Investment Inc. Records, 1977-1979 (NBA.053)
In re Eastern Airlines Case Documents, 1989-1990 (NBA.031)
Johns-Manville Reorganization Case Court Records, 1982-1990 (NBA.029)
Kronish, Lieb, Weiner, and Hellman LLP Bankruptcy Judges Lawsuit Files, 1984-1994 (NBA.027)
LTV Corporation Reorganization Case Court Records, 1986-1991 (NBA.030)
Randall J. Newsome Oral History Collection, 1993-1998, 2004 (NBA.011)
“Recent Bankruptcy Decisions” Collection, 1981-1998 (NBA.010)
Small Bankruptcy Collections, 1916-2001 (NBA.008)

Other collection guides are available upon request.

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Founding Collection Donors

American College of Bankruptcy

The American College of Bankruptcy is an honorary professional and educational association of bankruptcy and insolvency professionals. It was formed in 1989 and has approximately 500 Fellows, selected by a Board of Regents from among recommendations received from the Circuit Admissions Council in each federal judicial circuit. Fellows include attorneys, professors, judges, accountants, government officials, trustees, bankers, specialists, appraisers and others involved in the bankruptcy and insolvency community. The mission of the College is to honor and recognize distinguished bankruptcy professionals who are qualified for membership in an effort to set standards of achievement for others in the insolvency community, and to fund and assist projects that enhance the highest quality of bankruptcy practice, including undergraduate and graduate programs related to bankruptcy and insolvency.

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

The National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges (NCBJ) provides continuing legal education to judges, lawyers and other involved professionals and promotes cooperation among Bankruptcy Judges. The association aims to secure a greater degree of quality and uniformity in the administration of the Bankruptcy system and to improve the practice of law in the Bankruptcy Courts. NCBJ has financially supported the National Bankruptcy Archives at Biddle Law Library since its inception. The NCBJ has also contributed it bylaws, publications and other materials to the collection. Papers of members of NCBJ have been contributed to the archive, including those of Judge Judith Fitzgerald and Judge Frank Koger.


For information about donating materials to the National Bankruptcy Archives, please consult our Collection Development Policy page.