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Brandy Atchison
Circulation and Collection Maintenance, Library Services Assistant, 215-898-9012, T-221

Justin Audet 
Circulation and Collection Maintenance, Library Clerk, 215-898-8269, T-236

Cathy Bucher
Administration, Business Administrator, 215-898-9616, T-210

Jennifer Cho
Acquisitions & Serials, Bibliographic Assistant, 215-746-3736, T-240

Al Dong
Reference Services, Reference/Documents Librarian, 215-898-6724, T-414

Aaron Douglas
Circulation and Collection Maintenance, Senior Library Clerk, 215-898-9012, T-235

J. William Draper
Reference Services, Reference Librarian, 215-898-3059, T-415

Anita Dryden
Technical Services, Systems & Emerging Technologies Librarian, 215-898-6443, T-242

Eoin Ennis
Acquisitions & Serials, Bibliographic Assistant 215-898-7063, T-240

Gabriela Femenia
Foreign and International Law, Foreign and International Law Librarian, 215-898-7442, T-412

Mariah Ford
Reference Services, Reference Librarian, 215-898-0639, T-213

Kenneth Funderburk
Circulation and Collection Maintenance, Library Services Assistant, 215-898-9012, T-221

Paul M. George 
Administration, Associate Dean and Director of the Biddle Law Library, 215-898-7488, T-209

Edwin J. Greenlee
Public Services, Associate Director for Public Services, 215-898-4169, T-215

Jeffrey Grillo
Technical Services, Associate Director for Technical Services, 215-898-7690, T-238

John Hogan
Technical Services, Bibliographic Specialist, 215-898-6132, T-243

Thomas E. Laws, Jr.
Circulation and Collection Maintenance, Assistant Head of Stacks, 215-898-9012, T-236

Shenika McAlister
Acquisitions & Serials, Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian, 215-898-0230, T-244

Barbara O’Brien
Administration, Administrative Assistant, 215-898-2631, T-219

Leslie O’Neill
Special Collections and Archives, Archivist, 215-898-5011, T-251

Joseph F. Parsio
Circulation and Collection Maintenance, Head of Access Services, 215-746-1755, T-211

Evan Silverstein
Circulation and Collection Maintenance, Library Clerk, 215-898-7478, T-221

Merle J. Slyhoff
Collection Development, Collection Development Librarian, 215-898-9013, T-212

Judith A. Vaughan-Sterling
Metadata Services, Metadata Services Librarian, 215-898-7299, T-241

Timothy C. Von Dulm
Reference Services, Head of Reference Services, 215-898-0844, T-214

Stephan Way
Metadata Services, Bibliographic Assistant, 215-746-3735, T-221