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Journal of Law & Public Affairs

The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Public Affairs serves as a research tool for policymakers, practitioners, judges, academics, students, and other interested readers.

The Journal of Law & Public Affairs (JLPA) provides a forum for scholarship that speaks to pressing law and policy issues with innovative solutions and thought-provoking analysis. Membership on the JLPA is open to second- and third-year University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School students via application. First- and second-year law students may also apply to certain board positions for their second and third years.

Read recently published articles, review JLPA’s submission process, learn about JLPA’s recent symposium, and meet current board members. All submissions are invited.

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Spring Symposium

The JLPA’s Spring Symposium explored current topics in employment discrimination. Our keynote address was delivered by Commissioner Charlotte Burrows of the EEOC.

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Journal of Law & Public Affairs
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
3501 Sansom Street
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JLPA publishes articles at the intersection of law and public policy, at the international, federal, state, and local levels of government.

Past contributors have included: Saxby Chambliss (Former U.S. Senator); Hank Johnson (U.S. Representative); Kassim Reed (Former Mayor of Atlanta); Stephen Goldsmith (Former Mayor of Indianapolis); Sam Harris (Yale Law School); Jonathan Macey (Yale Law School); Cary Coglianese (University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School); Kermit Roosevelt III (University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School); Samuel Estreicher (New York University Law School); Rogers M. Smith (University of Pennsylvania); and Philip K. Howard (Founder of Common Good and Senior Counsel at Covington & Burling LLP).