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Volume 5, Issue 3 - Published as University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law

Symposium Articles & Essays

Public Sector Labor Relations: Why it Should Matter to the Public and to Academia (PDF)

Vijay Kapoor


Partnering for Public Value: New Approaches in Public Employee Labor-Management Relations (PDF)

Stephen Goldsmith & Mark E. Schneider


Betancourt and the Narrow Certiorari Scope of Review of Appeals from Act 111 Grievance Arbitration Awards: Its Time Has Already Come and Gone (PDF)

John P. McLaughlin & Patrick J. Harvey


Public Sector Bargaining: A Different Animal (PDF)

Clyde Summers


Are Municipal Collective Bargaining and Municipal Governance Compatible? (PDF)

Leo Troy

Other Articles & Essays

Employment Mediation in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges in a Changing Environment (PDF)

Vivian Berger


Revisiting the Right to Refuse Hazardous Work Amidst the Anthrax Crisis of 2001 (PDF)

John B. Flood


Will Professional Athletes Continue to Choose Their Representation Freely? An Examination of the Enforceability of Non-Compete Agreements Against Sports Agents (PDF)

Jason Gershwin


Pennsylvania’s Act 46: Aimed at Improving Education or Punishing Educators? (PDF)

Chrystal Dyer LaRoche


The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and Private Pension System Reform (PDF)

Yun Zhang

Book Review 655
Selected Current Bibliography 665


Volume 5, Issue 2 - Published as University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law

Articles & Essays

Preemption’s Market Participant Immunity - A Constitutional Interpretation: Implications for Living Wage and Labor Peace Policies (PDF)

Roger C. Hartley


Let Unions Be Unions: Allowing Grants of Benefits During Representation Campaigns (PDF)

Michael J. Hayes


The High Price of Price Waterhouse: Dealing with Direct Evidence of Discrimination (PDF)

Robert A. Kearney


When in Doubt, Get Locked Out!: A Comparison of the 2001 Lockout of the National Football League Referees’ Association and the Failed 1999 Resignation Scheme of the Major League Baseball Umpires’ Association (PDF)

Frederick Alcaro


Federalization of Airport Security Workers: A Study of the Practical Impact of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act from a Labor Law Perspective (PDF)

Molly Selzer

Selected Labor and Employment Law Updates 383
Book Review 387
Capsule Reviews 393
Selected Current Bibliography 395


Volume 4, Issue 1 - Published as University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law

Articles & Essays

The Future of Employee Representation in America: Enabling Freedom of Association in the Workplace in Changing Times Through Statutory Reform (PDF)

Janice R. Bellace


Illusory Protection: The Treatment of Severance Packages in Business Bankruptcies (PDF)

J. Benjamin Earthman


Employee Representation Outside the Labor Act: Thoughts on Arbitral Representation, Group Arbitration, and Workplace Committees (PDF)

Matthew W. Finkin


Accretion Elections: Making Employee Choice Paramount (PDF)

Michael J. Frank


Collective Bargaining Under the Model of M.B. Sturgis, Inc.: Increasing Legal Protections for the Growing Contingent Workforce (PDF)

Tiffany Fonseca


The Search for a Workable Standard for When Fair Labor Standards Act Coverage Should Be Extended to Prisoner Workers (PDF)

Matthew J. Lang

Selected Labor and Employment Law Updates 209
Book Review 215
Capsule Reviews 221
Selected Current Bibliography 223