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The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (JBL) is proud to present the Fall 2011 Symposium, entitled Ongoing Implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act: Consumer Protection and Other Goals. Marking almost two years since the Act was initially proposed in the House by Representative Barney Frank, and in the Senate’s Banking Committee by Chairman Chris Dodd, our Symposium examines the Act from several major angles, and reviews its implementation to date. Our vision for this Symposium is that it will function as an opportunity for our nation's top thinkers, practitioners and leaders to come together and reflect on our current progress under Dodd-Frank, as well as to focus on the next steps that will be required.

We expect our Symposium to provide an insightful and thought-provoking look into what has frequently been described as one of the most sweeping regulatory reforms since the Great Depression, by focusing on three broad themes:

  1. The Project of Consumer Protection
  2. The Logic of Regulatory Reform and Statutory Interpretation
  3. Dodd-Frank and the Home Mortgage Sector

This program has been approved for 6.5 hours of substantive law credit and 0 hours of ethics credit for Pennsylvania lawyers. CLE credit can be arranged for other jurisdictions as well. CLE credits are free for University of Pennsylvania faculty and staff. CLE credits will cost $25 for public sector attorneys and $10 per credit hour for all others (e.g., $60 for a six hour program). Our guests should bring with them a check payable to the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, in the amount of $65 (for 6.5 hours of credit), or $25 for public interest attorneys.

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Questions? Contact us at, or reach JBL's Symposium Editor at:

Andreas Apostolides
Symposium Editor
Journal of Business Law

The Journal of Business Law and Journal of International Law would like to thank the following law firms for their generous support of the Symposium:

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