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East Asia Law Review

Symposium Archive

Volume 7 Symposium

Corruption in Asia: Law & Governance, Corporate Responsibility, and Media

February 10, 2012

The traditional model of anti-corruption enforcement, based on domestic regulations and enforced by a nation’s judiciary or other special agencies, faces numerous challenges in the Asian context. Where the independence of the judiciary and even-handed application of the laws is in doubt - especially in new democracies or autocracies -reliance on law and governance methods alone has been thought insufficient. The increasingly global economy and necessity for trans-national cooperation further complicate this picture, and also imply that these local matters have become questions of global significance. The internet and social media, as well as more traditional media, may play a greater role in shedding light on abuse and acting as a check on power. This symposium will explore how these non-state actors, specifically corporates, media, and other societal institutions deal with government corruption and their own corruption in East and Southeast Asia.