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Journal of Constitutional Law

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 The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law (JCL) provides a forum for the academic advancement and interdisciplinary study of constitutional law. To that end, JCL cultivates innovative scholarship, promotes critical perspectives, and reinvents the traditional study of constitutional law. Since its founding, JCL has emerged as a leading publication and remains the only publication in the Ivy League that exclusively concentrates on issues of constitutional law. As a result of its position within the legal academy, JCL is fortunate to receive and publish the work of some of the leading scholars in the field from all over the world, including the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor, the Honorable Guido Calabresi, Richard Epstein, Laurence Tribe, Seth Kreimer, Kermit Roosevelt, Erwin Chemerinsky, Marci Hamilton, Barry Cushman, Sandy Levinson, Martin Redish, David Rudovsky, Mark Tushnet, the Honorable Douglas H. Ginsburg, and Jerry Mashaw.

As part of its mission, JCL is committed to publishing five issues each year via both print and electronic mediums. It is one of only six non-law review publications ranked in the top 50 for the most citations and impact. During the 2019-2020 academic year, JCL will publish its 22nd volume. The journal also sponsors an annual symposium on a topic at the cutting edge of constitutional law and has an active online presence through JCL Online, which publishes a Fall and Spring online supplement to the print edition.

Board of Editors

2019 – 2020 





Myles S. Lynch

Managing Editor
Shannon G. Reid




Online Managing Editor
Owen C. Alderson

Articles Editors
Brian Golger
Jarron D. McAllister
Mikaela Meyer
Liam Murphy
Allison L. Perlin
Josh Salzer

Symposium Editor
Isabel Redleaf

Comments Editor
Evan Frohman

Research &
Outreach Editor
Victoria H. Yuhas

Production Editor
Nishi A. Tavernier

Executive Editors
Alexander Dickinson
Mike Frieda
Jennifer Kahn
Damian O’Sullivan
Jack Vanderford
Julian N. Weiss

  Senior Editors  
Emily Brody-Bizar
Jinney Chung
Joseph DeQuarto
Kayla R. Katz
Charlotte Mostertz
Alan Waldron
John S. Yates III
  Associate Editors  
Brandon C. Abrams
James Alford
Sofia R. Bonfiglio
Thomas Butterworth
Alexis Caris
Aseem Chipalkatti
Anissa I. Chitour
Diana Cummiskey
Robert Dover
Briana Fasone
William L. Flatt Jr.
Alison Freudman
Emily Galik
Benjamin Gilberg
Dan Gordon
Joelle Hageboutros
Elana Handelman
Matt Jerrehian
Chad Keizer
Jacklyn M. Kornstein
Julian Kronick
Allison C. Kruk
Emily Losi
John Maccio
Caroline Mansour
Kelly M. McGlynn
John McKenzie
Ava K. Mehta
Jeffrey Popoviz
JP Prusakowski
Carolyn Rice
Jessica Rizzo
Brandon K. Sarkauskas
Bhavin P. Shah
Simon Shahinian
Sherrod J. Smith III
John Strubing
Leon Sunstein
Uyen L. Tu
Adrianna Vallee
Amber N. Venturelli
Chris Zabilowicz