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Asian Law Review

The Asian Law Review provides a forum for scholars and students to discuss cutting-edge legal developments in Asia.

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The Asian Law Review (ALR) publishes articles and hosts events within the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School community that are geared toward informing the conversation about recent developments in Asian law. The journal plays a critical role in shaping the legal community’s perspective on Asia by publishing influential articles at a time when the region’s importance is growing at an exponential rate. Since its founding, ALR has become one of the premier journals to focus on the region by contributing to scholarly debates about the evolution of law and society in Asia and shaping how the U.S. legal academy and broader society understand and interact with the region.


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2021 APALSA-ALR Joint Virtual Conference

2021 ALR APALSA symposium

Roarin’ 20s? Law, Politics, and Asian Americans in 202x

Sunday, March 14, 2021

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The ALR has undergone several changes to its name and scope over the years, reflecting an ever broader focus on the continent and its legal issues:

  • First published in 2004–2005 as the Chinese Law and Policy Review
  • In 2007–2008 cycle, CLPR broadened its focus to include the larger East Asian region and changed its name to the East Asia Law Review. The journal also ceased bilingual publication in English and Mandarin at this time and became an English language only publication.
  • In 2016, the journal again decided to broaden its scope, primarily to add valuable perspectives about the South Asian subcontinent but also with a view towards the continent as a whole, and became the University of Pennsylvania Asian Law Review with Volume 12.

Today, ALR is published electronically on our website and distributed via Westlaw, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline. We are currently pursuing other options for broader distribution.