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Scheduling a Zoom video conference (Zoom account managers pilot program)

Starting Fall 2017, ITS is rolling out a pilot program for Zoom account managers. If you would like more information about this pilot program, email

Zoom account managers enrolled in the pilot program can schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of their department and notify participants of the links and call-in phone number. 

IMPORTANT: If you are scheduling any Zoom video conferences to take place in a classroom, please notify first. An important setting needs to be changed to enable Zoom to be used on a classroom computer for each Zoom meeting.

Scheduling a Zoom video conference:

If you are an manager of a Zoom account, follow the following instructions to schedule a Zoom video conference.

1. Download the Zoom meetings client at:

Log into Zoom meetings with your login credentials:

2. Click “Schedule” to create a new meeting.

3. Enter a name for your meeting, the date, and duration. Recommended settings for Video and Audio options are below. You can choose to require a meeting password. Make sure “Outlook” is selected to invite participants to your meeting using Outlook. Click “Schedule” to create the meeting. After clicking, “Schedule,” click on Outlook to invite participants and to send your invitation.

4. Within the Outlook invitation window, enter email addresses for meeting participants in the “To” field. Click “Send” to send them a calendar invitation. The invitation includes a link to connect via PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, as well as a phone number to connect using a traditional phone (audio-only). You can also include any personalized text to your participants within this email invitation.

At any time, you can retrieve the zoom meeting details, including the link and phone number with meeting ID, by navigating to the “Meetings” section of the Zoom meetings application.

Click “Edit” to change details and to send out a new link. Click “Copy” to copy all of the meeting invitation information, including the link and phone number. Click “Start” to start the meeting early, and “delete” to delete the meeting.



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