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Learning Opportunities

Classroom Technology Training  for Faculty and Instructors (in-person)

This is a 40-minute in-person training on how to use the classroom technology in your assigned classroom.

Register here:

Co-instructors and teaching assistants are encouraged to come to the training. Please sign up for only one time slot and share the appointment.

Topics Covered:

Drop-In Classroom Technology Training for Staff and Students (Fitts Auditorium)

This is a 20 minute in-person training on how to use the classroom technology in all of our classrooms and event spaces.

Please choose an appointment here to set up a training

All staff are welcome and encouraged to attend an in-person technology training, held every Monday at 12:30pm in Fitts Auditorium. If all available slots are full for a specific day you are still more than welcome to attend.

Topics Covered:

 Technology for Hybrid Events (in-person/remote)

This is a 50-minute in-person training on how to host a hybrid event in one of the Dual-Delivery Rooms.

No future live training sessions scheduled. See a video recorded training here

Topics Covered:

  • In-room controls
    • Touchpanel for screens and microphones
    • PC monitor set up (for slides and/or speaker notes)
  • Webinar staffing plan
    • Moderation for q&a/technical difficulties for viewers
    • Remote panelist views, “follow host view” recording control
  • Walkthrough best practices
    • Scheduling “rehearsal”, speaker practice
    • Confirming recordings’ workflow



Panopto (remote)

Panopto: Intro to Recording & Editing

No future live training sessions scheduled.

Topics covered:

  • Setting up and logging into the Panopto application
  • Selecting your camera and microphone
  • Configuring recording options: Voice, Camera, Screen/Powerpoint Capture
  • Uploading to Canvas
  • Troubleshooting common issues

Panopto: Advanced Features

See for online documentation

No sessions offered at this time. Please contact to request a training.

  • Viewing, editing, automatic annotation feature, and approving recordings (when applicable)
  • File management: copying, moving, deleting, and renaming sessions
  • Adding quizzes to your video
  • Downloading videos – setting the output format for video, podcasting feature, audio only version
  • Sharing and embedding Panopto videos


TA and Instructional Aide training

Pre-recorded training: 8/20/2020:

Topics Covered:

  • How to connect to a Zoom call
  • How to support breakout rooms
  • How to manage Chat, Participant list, security features



Canvas Training for Faculty (Individual Training)

Register for a training session 

Sign up for individualized training that can cover the basics or advanced topics. (Faculty only)


Canvas Training for Staff

Register: Canvas Training for Staff (Bookings)

Group training that covers the most popular features of Canvas. Topics covered:

  • Announcements
  • Modules
  • Assignments/Quizzes
  • Panopto Recordings
  • Discussion Boards
  • LTI Tools (Perusall, Poll Everywhere, etc)



Teams Basics 

Register: Teams Basics (Bookings)

This is a small group training (up to 4 people for each time slot) Topics covered:

  • Joining meetings
  • Starting meetings
  • Recording meetings
  • Chat
  • Settings

Teams - For Departments

Register: Teams - For Departments (Bookings)

This training is based on configuring/using an existing Team site (no limits on participants) Topics covered:

  • Joining meetings
  • Starting meetings
  • Recording meetings
  • Team settings
  • Channels
  • Tabs/Apps
  • Chat
  • Settings



Twice a month Q&A sessions with in-depth LiveWhale exploration, for web providers who have further questions after completing all modules in the LiveWhale training session 

Register: LiveWhale Q&A (Bookings)


Adobe Acrobat for Working Remotely

Register: No sessions offered at this time. Please contact to request a training.

Forms, signatures, annotations, and more.


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