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Hybrid Classroom Training (in-person)

This is a 40-minute in-person training on how to use the classroom technology to teach a hybrid class with some students in-person and some students connecting remotely over Zoom.


Topics Covered:

  • Logging into the PC
  • Connecting to a Zoom call from the class PC
  • Dual-monitor setup
  • Sending powerpoint and Zoom to the projector screen(s)
  • Use a Digital Whiteboard
  • Playing your remote students’ audio through the classroom speakers
  • Sending your audio and your in-person students’ audio through the Zoom call

TA and Instructional Aide training

Pre-recorded training: 8/20/2020:

Topics Covered:

  • How to connect to a Zoom call
  • How to support breakout rooms
  • How to manage Chat, Participant list, security features

Consultation on Teaching in Zoom and Hybrid environments (remote)

This is a general consultation on the tools for teaching online using Zoom and Panopto. If you have not taught online/hybrid at Penn Law before, this is a good place to start. 

Register for Adjuncts/Instructors:

Register for Standing Faculty:

Topics Covered:

  • Starting your Course Zoom Call
  • The “Hybrid” environment: how to start your Zoom call from a Penn Law classroom
  • Equipment recommendations for high-quality video and audio capture
  • Recommend further training and supported apps and services

Zoom (remote)

Zoom: Introduction to Meetings

 Topics covered:

  • Connecting to a Zoom call through Canvas (courses) and using Zoom app
  • Basic host controls

Zoom: Advanced Features

Topics Covered:

  • Advanced Host Controls
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Webinars and registration (if applicable)


Panopto (remote)

Panopto: Intro to Recording & Editing

Topics covered:

  • Setting up and logging into the Panopto application
  • Selecting your camera and microphone
  • Configuring recording options: Voice, Camera, Screen/Powerpoint Capture
  • Uploading to Canvas
  • Troubleshooting common issues

Panopto: Advanced Features

Topics covered:

  • Viewing, editing, automatic annotation feature, and approving recordings (when applicable)
  • File management: copying, moving, deleting, and renaming sessions
  • Adding quizzes to your video
  • Downloading videos – setting the output format for video, podcasting feature, audio only version
  • Sharing and embedding Panopto videos



Canvas Training for Faculty (Individual Training)


Sign up for individualized training that can cover the basics or advanced topics. (Faculty only)


Canvas Training for Staff


Group training that covers the most popular features of Canvas. Topics covered:

  • Announcements
  • Modules
  • Assignments/Quizzes
  • Panopto Recordings
  • Discussion Boards
  • LTI Tools (Perusall, Poll Everywhere, etc)



Teams Basics 


This is a small group training (up to 4 people for each time slot) Topics covered:

  • Joining meetings
  • Starting meetings
  • Recording meetings
  • Chat
  • Settings

Teams Basics - For Departments


This training is based on configuring/using an existing Team site (no limit on participants) Topics covered:

  • Joining meetings
  • Starting meetings
  • Recording meetings
  • Team settings
  • Channels
  • Tabs/Apps
  • Chat
  • Settings


Adobe Acrobat for Working Remotely


Forms, signatures, annotations, and more.


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