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What’s New in Windows 10?

  • The new start menu looks very different, but it has all the usual features you’d expect- a list of all your applications as well as power options for shutting down or restarting your PC. The live tiles found on Windows 8’s Start screen make a return here, but you can remove all the live tiles if you don’t like them. Just right-click them and remove them. Move your mouse to any edge of the Start menu and you’ll be able to resize it.

  • Microsoft has introduced a new browser called Edge. This new default browser replaces the traditional Internet Explorer browser. Internet Explorer is still available to use on Windows 10 if there are instances where it is the required browser.

  • In Windows 10, the Search bar not only looks for folders, apps, and files on your PC, but is also linked to your browser so it can search the web right from your desktop.

  • To connect to a Wi-Fi network, select the Network icon on the taskbar as shown below:


Please refer to the guides and tutorials below to learn more about Windows 10:

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