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Getting Help with Windows 7

Help IconAll the help you need is built right into Windows 7!

From the Start Menu, choose Help and Support to search for
solutions to your problems, training, and more.

Online Videos & Documentation

Microsoft has extensive documentation available on their Windows Support site. Browse the Windows 7 Help & How-to site for videos, training, and helpful guides.

Windows 7 eBooks

Windows 7 Plain & Simple

LawKey Required

ITS provides full eBooks for all Faculty, Staff, and Students. Get started by taking a look at Windows 7 Plain & Simple Password Required for visual, step-by-step guides on all of Windows 7's major features.

Selected Videos

We've gathered together four helpful videos from the Help & How-to site below. Each video comes with a printable guide that guides you through each topic.

Topic Additional Resources
Getting Around the Desktop Video
Printable Guide
Finding Your Files Video
Printable Guide
Changing Windows Settings Video
Printable Guide
Personalizing Your PC Video
Printable Guide


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