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The wireless Internet network on campus is known as AirPennNet. AirPennNet provides fast, secure Internet access to all faculty, staff, alumni and students with their PennKey credentials. To prepare your laptop for Penn Carey Law, you will need to configure AirPennNet on your laptop. Currently, only laptops, iOS, and Android devices support AirPennNet’s security protocols.

Note: AirPennNet requires a PennKey to connect. If have not setup your PennKey yet or cannot remember your password, please contact If you are an alum, you can reach out to or use AirPennNet-Guest

Setting up AirPennNet on Campus

  1. Follow these laptop instructions to connect your Windows or Mac laptop to AirPennNet.
  2. Follow these mobile device instructions to connect your mobile devices to AirPennNet.

For mobile and other devices, see

Setting up AirPennNet Before You Arrive

You can also set up AirPennNet before you arrive on campus. After updating your antivirus and system software, visit the Connect to AirPennNet page and follow the on-screen instructions. The network will be out of range outside of campus, but you will be able to connect to AirPennNet successfully after you arrive if you’ve done the setup already.


eduroam is a secured wireless network that allows students, faculty and staff to use their home institution’s credentials (for Penn affiliates, their PennKey) to access wireless network services, when visiting other eduroam participating institutions without having to set up a guest account. It can also be used instead of AirPennNet while on campus.

Please see the eduroam setup page for more information and links to configuring your device to use eduroam 

Guest Access

Individuals attending conferences or other University functions can gain access to Penn’s guest wireless network (AirPennNet-Guest) without a PennKey.

How to Connect:
1. Select the AirPennNet-Guest SSID
2. Open a browser
3. Review and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions
4. Enter a valid email address and click Submit

For more information, please visit:

Troubleshooting AirPennNet

If you get disconnected from AirPennNet and have difficulty reconnecting, switch to the Connect to AirPennNet network and open your web browser to repair the connection.  If you are still having trouble connecting, please visit the Tech Center for advanced troubleshooting help.