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What is eduroam?

eduroam is a secured wireless network that allows students, faculty and staff to use their home institution’s credentials (for Penn affiliates, their PennKey) to access wireless network services, when visiting other eduroam participating institutions without having to set up a guest account.

Members of the Penn Community can use eduroam as their primary WiFi instead of AirPennNet.

Configuring your device for eduroam

 Penn affiliates who wish to configure eduroam on their wireless devices can download an installation wizard from:

Downloaded the SecureW2 Wizard for eduroam and run the application.

To login to eduroam, use as your username. (For example, if your Pennkey was “johndoe” you would log into eduroam as “”). Use your PennKey password for the password. 

Eduroam JoinNow page


 Visitors to Penn from other institutions that participate in eduroam should obtain configuration instructions and installation software from their home institution. The Penn-specific installer may not correctly configure devices from other institutions.

If you have any questions about setting eduroam up or need any assistance before you plan on using eduroam please contact ITS at

Where to find eduroam

On Penn’s campus eduroam is available in most but not all campus buildings. eduroam can be found in all locations where AirPennNet service is available.

A list of other participating institutions can be found on the eduroam website:

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