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Connecting Mobile Devices to AirPennNet



  1. Open the Settings app, open the Wi-Fi menu and select AirPennNet-Help.
  2. The AirPennNet wizard will automatically open. If the wizard does not come up, open up a web browser and navigate to

  3. All users can click the checkbox to accept the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy and click Start.
  4. Select Student or Faculty/Staff/Guest and then click OK on the next window.
  5. In the following window, click Install to install the Xpress Connect profile.
  6. Click Install Now on the following window and enter your passcode.
  7. When prompted, enter your Username (PennKey) and password.
  8. When you are finished, open the Settings app, open the Wi-Fi menu and select AirPennNet.


NOTE: If you are an iOS 10 user and you are still experiencing problems after installing the new configuration file, we recommend deleting the AirPennNet profile completely and then re-installing again. To delete the profile, open the Settings app, select General and Profiles. Select the AirPennNet profile and click Delete Profile. 



  1. Turn Cellular Data Off.
  2. Open the Settings app, click on WiFi, and select AirPennNet-Help.
  3. Open up a web browser and navigate to The AirPennNet wizard should automatically open. (Do not download Xpress Connect through the pop-up browser)
  4. Click the checkbox to accept the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy and click Start.
  5. Choose the Alternate method to download the Xpress Connect app from Penn’s servers. IMPORTANT: An issue has been reported recently with the Play store version not working with AirPennNet.

    Note to Pixel Phone users: If the above link only downloads the configuration file and does not open it, please manually open the Cloudpath app. In the upper-right hand corner, touch the arrow and select “Manual Configuration URL…” In the box that opens, type “android.netconfig” and the app will open the file stored on your device.

  6. After it has downloaded, open the Xpress Connect app. NOTE: You may have to temporarily change your settings to allow apps from outside the Play Store.
  7. After Xpress Connect installs, click on the third link which states “Click on this link to be walked through the configuration of your Android device
  8. Select Student, click Continue, enter your PennKey and Password, and click Continue.
  9. Click OK on the following boxes. You are now connected to AirPennNet.

    Note: On some Android phones, the AirPennNet connection settings need to be updated to the following network settings. Click on the network name and Edit/Modify and update the following:

    EAP method:
    Phase 2 Authentication: PAP

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