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IT Orientation for New Standing Faculty Members

The members of Information Technology Services (ITS) warmly welcome you to the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. ITS provides computing, media, and network services for the Law School community.

Learn more about our team on our Who’s ITS page.

We are looking forward to working with you!

  • A member of the ITS team will reach out for an initial consultation regarding your equipment, and IT needs. In the interim, please review our Faculty Purchase Policy and Recommendations.
  • Please review the online orientation below, which details key information required to get started working with our applications and services.


Your Law School Accounts: LawKey & PennKey

LawKey and PennKey are the computing logins used at the Law School.

LawKey (aka your Office 365 login) is used to access Office 365 resources (Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams) as well as login to your computer.

PennKey is used to access the wireless network (AirPennNet) as well as Canvas, password protected Law webpages, and University wide resources (Penn+Box, Zoom, Qualtrics).

Both accounts use the same username, but need to be activated separately. Please set different passwords for each account. More information: LawKey & PennKey guides

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) are required to be set up for both your LawKey and PennKey accounts at the time of activation. 

New faculty will receive LawKey/PennKey activation details via email.

More Information:

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  • Confirm that your PennKey account and accompanying MFA has been set up.
  • Enroll in PennKey SSPR
  • Confirm that your LawKey account has been set up including MFA/SSPR (when you activate your account, you will be prompted to set up both).


Email & Microsoft 365

Your LawKey (aka your Microsoft 365) account provides access to Microsoft 365 resources including a full Exchange account for email, calendar, and contacts as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneDrive, and other Microsoft resources.  Your email address has been created automatically and takes the form of

You can access your law email through the Outlook desktop app installed on your computer or via Outlook Web on a browser.

More information: 

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All files should be saved to Microsoft 365 (OneDrive for individual files and SharePoint for group/departmental files).

Your Windows computer is set up to automatically sync the files in your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders to your Penn Carey Law OneDrive (using On Demand syncing which provides a way to get to all your files without using up storage space on your device). The Downloads folder is not backed up. 

To access your OneDrive files via a web browser, login to the Microsoft 365 Portal and navigate to OneDrive. OneDrive is also integrated into Windows and will appear as a location in your File Browser on your office computer. More information on using OneDrive.

To Dos
  • Familiarize yourself with OneDrive. Login to OneDrive via your web browser as well as locate your OneDrive folder on your computer. Find instructions here.
  • Always confirm that your OneDrive sync app is running by checking for the blue cloud icon cloud icon on taskbar on the bottom right corner of your taskbar and check for common errors


Your Computer

IT Equipment for New Faculty

Standing Faculty can use their research funds to supplement or replace IT equipment in faculty offices or homes.  Faculty are provided with a standard Dell computer and monitor.

Please review our Faculty Purchase Policy and Recommendations.

Caring for your Laptop:

  • When carrying your laptop back and forth, we recommend shutting it down first, and using the case provided.
  • If your laptop is lost or damaged, please report to ITS ( or 215-898-2589) right away.

Basic Computer Troubleshooting & Best Practices:

  • Please install updates when prompted to ensure system performance and security. Many slowness issues can be resolved by either restarting the computer or even just closing all browser windows and reopening the application again.



The wireless Internet network on campus is known as AirPennNet. AirPennNet provides fast, secure Internet access to all faculty, staff, and students. If you would like to connect your phone or mobile device to use AirPennNet, please follow the directions below.

Members of the Penn Community can also use eduroam as their primary WiFi instead of AirPennNet and it will allow them to use that network when visiting other eduroam participating institutions/universities.


Canvas LMS 

Canvas is the online Learning Management System used at Penn Carey Law. Canvas has great features for posting course materials, communicating and interacting with your students and providing class and student calendars. You can also use this site to access your course photo roster, create an online seating chart, schedule appointments with students, create surveys/quizzes, and download a grading sheet.

Faculty can sign up for individualized training on basic or advanced topics: Canvas Training 

Getting Started in Canvas: 


Instructional Technology

Classroom Technology Training

We encourage all new faculty and teaching fellows to register for classroom training with an ITS classroom instructor.

  • To register for training visit our canvas scheduling page: Classroom Training
  • The 40-minute session covers logging in to PC, using a projector/displays, Zoom/dual delivery technology, and other topics.
  • Co-instructors/TAs are encouraged to attend.
  • To request assistance at the start of your class, please email or log into your Canvas site and check “technician” on the Media Request page.
  • Further Online documentation is found here for classroom technology.

Course Recordings

Our classrooms are well equipped with Recording Technology. You can submit a media request to record a class via Canvas. Visit the Scheduling Recordings and Media Guide for more information. 


  • Zoom course links are created for all courses. 
  • By default, Zoom calls are recorded and posted to the “private” recordings folder on Canvas

For assistance, contact or (215) 898-9570.


Important Applications & Tools


Zoom is a synchronous video conferencing platform that can be used for small meetings as well as large online conferences. All faculty and staff receive a fully licensed individualized Zoom account. (Microsoft Teams is another option for video conferencing.)  View our Zoom guide

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Activate your Zoom account:


Adobe Acrobat

All full-time faculty and staff members have access to an Adobe Acrobat DC license through Penn. Please refer to the Adobe Acrobat guide for sign in and troubleshooting assistance.

To Dos

  • Make sure to use (not as your login username.



Qualtrics is a cloud-based survey tool that is available to all active faculty, staff, and students.
View our Qualtrics guide and Qualtrics FAQs & Tips

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Activate your Qualtrics account

  • Log in with your PennKey at
  • Choose “I don’t have a Qualtrics account”
  • Verify your name and email address, then click “Update”


Penn Carey Law Directory

The Law Directory provides contact information and photos for faculty, staff, and students in the Law School.

To Dos

Update your information in the Law Directory


GlobalProtect VPN

Penn faculty, staff and students can use the GlobalProtect VPN to connect securely to the campus network and access restricted services from off-campus. Your computer should already have GlobalProtect installed. To use, you will open the application and login with your PennKey username and password. View our GlobalProtect VPN guide for more information.


Other Web Resources

Here are some other web resources and tools that may be helpful to you.


PennFlex Phones

PennFlex is Penn’s new next generation cloud-based phone system. In addition to enterprise quality phone features, PennFlex offers enhanced functionality and flexibility including a mobile and desktop application (Webex) so faculty/staff can make and receive calls from their Penn phone line from anywhere.

We recommend that all users take advantage of this flexible platform and use the Webex app for making and receiving calls. (Office handsets are still available by request for users who have a dedicated phone line/desk.)

More Information:



Network printing is available throughout the Law School via Universal Print. ITS will assist you with setting up the closest network printer when you receive your Law School-issued computer.

More Information:

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Security & Privacy Info

ITS has prepared important information on security and privacy at Penn Carey Law. Please carefully review the following Security and Privacy guidance:
Security & Privacy recording | Security & Privacy slides

Some Key Takeaways!

  • Always report suspicious activity and phishing/emails asking for your password to ITS (​
  • Be mindful of sensitive data - store/share responsibly.​
  • Install those Windows/Office updates​.
  • Don’t reuse passwords. Use a password manager!​ LastPass: Password Manager
  • Email, Phone, and Text are all vectors for scams/spam. Be skeptical!​
  • See Penn Data Risk Classification for high/moderate sensitive data.

Store Sensitive Data Responsibly​

  • Coordinate with ITS for data storage needs related to faculty research. Data agreements should be shared with ITS in advance of projects and a data plan should be arranged.
  • Use SharePoint Secure Sites​
  • Do not store or access Law School data on your personal/home computers​
  • Do not store/share sensitive data via USB Keys​
  • Share via SecureShare or other sanctioned tools (not email)

Sensitive Data Should Never Be Sent/Received Via Email

  • This includes:
    • SSN
    • Driver’s license number or state identification card number issued in lieu of a driver license;
    • Financial Information (Credit Card/Debit Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, Wiring information)​
    • Healthcare/Medical Insurance information
    • Passwords

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How to Get Help

ITS Guides and Training

ITS Online is a one-stop location for help guides, links, and training resources.


Contacting ITS Help

(215) 898 - 2589

Schedule an appointment with ITS

For all Classroom and Instructional Technology requests, including training and scheduling media for classrooms:
(215) 898-9570

When contacting ITS with a technical issue, it is important to include detailed information about the problem or request. This will allow our team find a solution quicker for you.

  • What were you trying to do when the problem happened? What happened instead?
  • What are the steps required to reproduce the issue? 
  • If there was an error message, what did it say? (screenshots are great too!)
  • When did you have the problem (date and time)? This will help us investigate further in the system logs.
  • What’s the severity? Are you the only one experiencing the problem or is everyone in your office having the same problem?
  • Include a specific URL if requesting access to a SharePoint site/page or reporting an issue/question related to a web site.


Thank you for completing our online orientation. We look forward to working with you!