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View a Simulation Live


If a clinic staff of faculty member starts a recording as a “Webcast,” that sessions is available as a live feed in same the Canvas course folder selected on the remote recorder when starting the recording. For instance, a recording set to record to the Advanced Mediation Clinic “Private” folder, will appear on that course’s Canvas page, within the “Panopto Recordings” tab.


Important: For a session to be viewed live, the recording must be set up as a “webcast.” Click here for instructions on starting a recording.

Adjusting Camera Angle: to adjust the camera angle in a particular room, please see clinic staff.

Steps to view a live recording:

1. Navigate to the Canvas course that was indicated when starting the recording:


2.Click on the link that reads “Panopto Recordings:”


3. Click on “Simulation Recordings” folder:



4. Select the live Webcast:


5. Your live Webcast will open in a new window:


6. When finished, simply close the webcast window.


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