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Student Group Web Sites

Student groups may request a Teams site for internal collaboration. Teams allows for document sharing, messaging, chat, and video calls all within a single platform. More information is at

Note: Penn Carey Law does not provide a Penn Carey Law email address or a platform for public facing student group web sites.


If an external web site is setup, please see our guidance below. 

  • Contact the Student Affairs office to make sure your group is on file and register an IT Partner.

  • Understand the privacy concerns associated with having a web presence. As providers of content to the web, you must be careful and understand how the information you’re sharing is handled.

    • The Penn Carey Law Logo: You are not permitted to use the logo on external sites without permission from the Communications department.

    • Photographs: You must have proper permission from the individuals appearing in the photo and the Dean of Students before publishing any candid photos.

    • Privacy Policy: Read the specific privacy policies of the services you are using. Each service has a unique philosophy on how your data is stored and can be used.

    • Penn Privacy’s guidance for students is important to keep in mind when managing your online presence. Learn more about Penn Privacy.
  • Ensure your site has proper security and that you document your site internally to your student group so that continuity is ensured when members leave. 

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