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Student Groups: Aliases, Qualtrics Survey Tool, On the Docket & Events

Group Email Address

You can have as a Group address. It will deliver to the lawgroup alias of your choice (see Lawgroup Email Aliases, the next section).

To request or change your Group Email Address, please do the following:

  1. Check with Julie Colleluori at or (215) 898-7482 to make sure you are on the list of authorized members for your group.
  2. Email and indicate both the email address you wish to create or update and the address it will deliver to*.

*NOTE: This should preferably be a Lawgroup Alias, so that you can easily add or remove other people as recipients of this address. See the next section for how to create a lawgroup alias.

Lawgroup Email Aliases

You can create a custom Lawgroup Alias through PLEAS (Penn Law Email Accounts and Settings). New aliases are subject to approval and take up to 48 hours to create.

NOTE: Each journal and group is allowed up to 5 aliases.

To setup or modify these aliases please visit Lawgroup Aliases in PLEAS.

Qualtrics Survey Tool

Students can use Qualtrics to create surveys, such as RSVP surveys to prepare headcounts for seating or catering. More information on Qualtrics is available at

On the Docket

Publicize group meetings and events via On the Docket. May be configured to send communication via Email, Community Boards, or the Commons site. Notices are subject to approval from the Communications office.

For more info, please visit our Help Document.

Event Planning Tools

To plan an event see the Penn Law Room Reservations and Event Planning page.

If you are hosting a large event, the event request must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

If you request media in your Event Request Form be sure to follow up at least 48 hours in advance via email,

Community Board

The Community Boards are 2 large display screens located at the main Golkin Entrance. They show news and information of interest to the Penn Law community.

The easiest way to place a message on the Community Board is to submit a Notice or Event, as described above.

You can also submit custom slides and content to be posted on the board. More Information

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