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Slack makes team communication easier and more efficient.

  • Real time messaging and file sharing for one-to-one and group conversations.
  • Powerful search and archiving, so you can find information easily.
  • Instantly syncs across all devices.
  • Configurable notifications for desktop, mobile, and email.






Slack reduces the need for email between members of a team by serving as a closed messaging service. Messages can be organized according to channels using hashtags, and team members can also direct message each other, or create closed categories for only certain members working on a particular problem.

For a review of Slack and how it can work with teams, see“Team Productivity Through Slack” from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Get Started


if you are interested in using Slack with your department, contact ITS at Once you team account has been setup, you can download the apps and get started. Slack can be accessed from your mobile device via a native app (iOS and Android) or over the web at 

Get Help

Here are a few great resources to get you started.


Latest Tips

  • AirPennNet-Guest Wifi will be upgraded on April 27th. Device registration will require just an email address and guests will need to renew registration daily. Penn Law faculty, staff and students should all be using AirPennNet – not AirPennNet-Guest for Wifi.
  • The Penn Law Directory is available for members of the law school community to share contact information. Here are some important reminders.