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SharePoint Documents Overview

Best Practices

  • When possible, use Internet Explorer 8 or newer.
  • Use folders to help keep libraries organized.
  • Use concise, descriptive, and consistent names when uploading.
  • Use the Explorer View for moving files or uploading and renaming multiple files.

Preview a File

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on SharePoint will automatically open in Office Web Apps. Office Web Apps provide a live preview of your file, right in your web browser.

  • To preview a document, click on the file name.

Preview a File

Edit a File

After opening a preview of your file, you can edit the file in Microsoft Word or in your web browser.

  1. Open in Word: Your file will open normally in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  2. Edit in Browser: Your file will open in Office Web Apps (an online version of Office that runs in your web browser).

Edit a File

Saving Files: When using Penn Law computers, any edits you make will be automatically saved back to the SharePoint site when you save a file. From personal computers, Windows users should use Word 2007/2010 with Internet Explorer and Mac users should use Word 2011 for the same functionality. If you have problems on Windows, please make these changes in Internet Explorer.

Upload a Document

  1. Click the Documents tab.
  2. Click the Upload Document icon.

Upload Document

Bulk Upload Tip: Upload multiple documents by clicking Upload Document (below the icon) and choosing Upload Multiple Documents.

Create a Folder  

  1. Click the Documents tab.
  2. Click New Folder.

Create Folder

Open in Explorer View

Explorer View allows you to work with SharePoint using the same, familiar interface you use for your U: or G: drives. Explorer View is only available when using Internet Explorer.

  1. Click on your current view (default: All Documents).
  2. Click Explorer View.

Explorer View

Version History

A full version history is available for files saved to SharePoint. A new version is created every time the Save button is pressed when editing a document.

  1. Hover over your file with the mouse.
  2. Click the arrow that appears.
  3. Click Version History.

Version History

Set a Library Alert

  1. Click on the Library tab.
  2. Click Alert Me, then choose Set alert on this library.

Library Alert

Latest Tips

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    The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction, also known as CALI, provides online interactive tutorials on various legal subjects.  Tutorials are authored by law faculty and peer reviewed by a member of the CALI Editorial Board.  Here is information on how to create an account and access the materials.
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    New password rules that make it easier to create a secure password, encouraging users to “combine four or more unrelated words” to create a strong password that is easy to remember.