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Securing the Human

Securing the Human is a new security training resource to help demystify the world of security and privacy. Understand the strategies that people use to compromise your information, learn how to protect your mobile devices and passwords, acquire techniques on how to detect malicious tricks, and more.

About the Course

Securing the Human is a series of thirty short videos on security and privacy topics like those below.

  • Understand common phishing and social engineering techniques
  • Learn how to use secure communication channels properly for sensitive information
  • Explore how to protect your home computer and your children's online activities
  • Demystify FERPA and how it impacts your daily work
  • Protect your devices and computers on WiFi networks

Viewing the Course

Securing the Human are a series of video tutorials. If you need headphones or speakers to listen to the audio, please email

Internet Explorer is recommended for all Knowledge Link courses. Google Chrome is not compatible.

  1. Log in to Knowledge Link with your PennKey.
  2. You should see the class Securing the Human listed on your homepage (in the Learning Plan section).
  3. Click the link for Securing the Human to get started.

Securing the Human will appear in a new browser window. You may need to adjust your popup blocker settings for it to appear.

If you do not see the Securing the Human course listed, please contact

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