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System Center Endpoint Protection

Microsoft’s System Center Endpoint Protection is an anti-virus solution to help protect against infections from malicious software.

Real-Time Protection

System Center Endpoint Protection will monitor your computer at all times and alert you when a potential threat is found. 

All of these processes happen in the background.  The only time you will notice Endpoint Protection is when it detects malicious software while you are using the computer.  In which case, an alert will be displayed just above your system tray:

ITS monitors this system and will also receive an alert any time a threat is detected.  If a threat is detected, we will be in touch to determine whether more action is necessary.

System Center Endpoint Protection is configured to clean or quarantine most threats automatically.  If you are prompted to take action against a threat, please call ITS immediately.

Scheduled Scans

There are two types of scans:

Quick - scans the areas of your computer that malicious software is most likely to infect

Full - scans your entire computer

By default, System Center Endpoint Protection is scheduled to perform a quick scan every night at 2:00 AM and a full scan every Saturday at 2:00 AM.  Please do not cancel scheduled scans.  If a scheduled scan is getting in the way of your work, please call or email ITS and we can reschedule the scan to a more convenient time.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding System Center Endpoint Protection, please email

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