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Windows Security

Microsoft’s Windows Security is an anti-virus solution to help protect against infections from malicious software.

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Real-Time Protection

Windows Security will monitor your computer at all times and alert you when a potential threat is found. 

All of these processes happen in the background.  The only time you will notice Windows Security is if it detects malicious software while you are using the computer.  In which case, an alert will be displayed just above your system tray.

ITS monitors this system and will also receive an alert any time a threat is detected.  If a threat is detected, we will be in touch to determine whether more action is necessary.

Windows Security is configured to clean or quarantine most threats automatically.  If you are prompted to take action against a threat, please call ITS immediately.

Scanning your device

There are different types of scans you can run in Windows Security. The two primary scanning methods are a Quick Scan and a Full Scan.

Quick - scans the areas of your computer that malicious software is most likely to infect

To run a quick scan select

1. Start > Settings > Privacy & Security > Windows Security and then Virus & threat protection.

2. Under Current threats, select Quick scan (or in early versions of Windows 10, under Threat history, select Scan now).


Full - scans your entire computer

To run a full scan

  1. Select Start > Settings > Privacy & Security > Windows Security and then Virus & threat protection.

  2. Under Current threats, select Scan options (or in early versions of  Windows 10, under Threat history, select Run a new advanced scan).

  3. Select one of the scan options:

    • Full scan (check all files and programs currently on your device)

    • Custom scan (scan specific files or folders)

    • Microsoft Defender Offline scan (restarts your computer and runs a deep scan before Windows loads to catch especially sneaky malware). Learn more about Microsoft Defender Offline

  4. Select Scan now.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Windows Security, please email

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