Macintosh Computer Certification


Before connecting to our network, we need you to certify that your personal computer is protected against malicious viruses and spyware. It is critical that you take the steps below to protect your data and privacy. Certification helps protect the Law School network and systems from viruses and security breaches.

Certification Steps

  1. Install the latest Software Updates
  2. Install Norton AntiVirus
  3. Install the Remote Desktop client (for Remote Desktop Users only)    


Step 1

Install the latest Software Updates.

  1. Check in Apple Menu/Software Updates.
  2. Set up Automatic Updates by going to System Preferences, then Choose Daily Updates.   

Step 2

Install Norton AntiVirus.

  • Verify that your computer has Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) installed and that your virus definitions are up to date. This is available via the Penn Website (PennKey login): SEP for Mac

Note: you will need to uninstall any current antivirus program before installing this new version.   

Step 3

Install the Remote Desktop client (for Remote Desktop Users only)

  • Download and run the following file: Download Remote Desktop.
  • Double-click the Remote Desktop Connection.mpkg file and follow the installer prompts, clicking Continue, Agree, and Finish where appropriate.

Information Security and Privacy Resources

Please visit the Security Overiew page for more information.


Systems Availability

  • Our online services may not be available during these maintenance periods.

    Fridays: 5pm-midnight
    2nd & 4th Tuesdays: 5pm-7pm

    Tuesdays: 5am-7am
    Thursdays: 5pm-7pm


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